Farmers protest against reopening of wine factories in Punjab

Farmers in Punjab protest against distillery

The confrontation between the farmers and the security forces continued on the 2nd. On Tuesday, farmers loyal to several agricultural organizations forced their way through police barricades to reach the site of a protest against a distillery and an ethanol plant in Mansurwal village. Villagers under the banner of the Sanjha Zira Morcha have been … Read more

Goa’s new airport in Mopa endangers livelihood of hundreds of farmers

Goa's new airport in Mopa endangers livelihood of hundreds of farmers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 11, 2022, inaugurated the first phase of the Greenfield International Airport at Mopa in North Goa which is about 35 km from the capital city Panaji. Mopa is being promoted as a sign of commercial and other ancillary development, and to cater to a higher volume of tourists. However, … Read more

Farmers at COP27, ‘Save the food system or no one will survive’

farmers at cop27

By Climate Kahani | Farmers at COP27 | While the world’s top leaders are reflecting global climate policies at the ongoing COP27 in Egypt, 70 organizations representing the world’s 350 million farmers have written an open letter to world leaders. They warned them that Global food security will be at risk if world governments do … Read more

Plastic leaching into farmer’s fields at alarming rate

Plastic leaching into farmer’s fields at alarming rate

Plastics are ubiquitous in agriculture, accumulating in the world’s soils and affecting human health, according to a new publication by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Elaine Baker, a researcher at Australia’s University of Sydney and co-author of the report, said: “We are beginning to understand that the accumulation of plastic can have wide-ranging repercussions on soil … Read more

Paddy farmers of Kashmir, how is climate change affecting them?

Paddy farmers of Kashmir, how is climate change affecting them?

High temperatures and a prolonged drought caused by climate change in Kashmir are proving dire for region’s farming community. Whole Kashmir depends on rice cultivation as its main source of food. Yet the essential crop faces a worrying future as climate change raises Earth’s temperatures and intensifies hurricanes, droughts and heat waves. Paddy farmers of … Read more

नसरुल्लागंज: बाढ़ से सोयाबीन की फसल चौपट, अब मुआवज़ा ही सहारा

Narsullaganj Floods and soyabean crop failure

नसरुल्लागंज, मध्य प्रदेश | 5 एकड़ ज़मीन पर खेती करने वाले रामेश्वर केवट अपने खेतों से सोयाबीन का पौधा उखाड़कर दिखाते हैं और बताते हैं कि “सिर्फ पत्ते हरे हैं साहब फली मिट्टी लगने से खराब हो गई है, अब इसमें फल नहीं आएगा। हमने तिल्ली, मूंग, मक्का भी बोयी थी लेकिन वो भी बाढ़ … Read more

‘खेत में 4000 करोड़ की मूंग की फसल खड़ी है, बिजली नहीं मिली तो सब बर्बाद हो जाएगा’

power cuts in Madhya Pradesh

Power Cuts and Farmers: देश भर में इस समय बिजली का संकट है, कोयले का संकट है और अर्थव्यवस्था की हालत खस्ता है। पता सभी को है लेकिन कोई मानने को तैयार नहीं है। मध्य़प्रदेश में दो मंत्रियों के बीच फोन पर हुई बातचीत से थोड़ी तस्वीर साफ हुई है। कृषि मंत्री कमल पटेल ने … Read more

Strawberry harvesting delights farmers in Kashmir

Strawberry harvesting delights farmers in Kashmir

Harvesting of the famous Kashmiri strawberry crop has begun in Kashmir with much satisfaction to the farmers about the production despite hot weather conditions and late rains. In Kashmir, farmers carrying baskets filled with freshly harvested strawberries, one of the first horticultural crops of the season, were seen walking through the fields in the village … Read more

Rural Women from Jharkhand Benefit Through Lemon Grass Cultivation

Rural Women from Jharkhand Benefit Through Lemon Grass Cultivation

Amrendra Suman | Dumka, Jharkhand: Rural women from nondescript villages in Jharkhand’s Dumka district are treading on a new, self-reliant path by growing lemongrass along with traditional crops like wheat, paddy, pulses and oilseed. As part of a project called Jharkhand Opportunities for Harnessing Rural Growth (JOHAR) implemented by the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society … Read more

अबीदाबाद, सीहोर के युवा किसान सीख रहे हैं रसायन मुक्त खेती

Abibabad farmers doing chemical free farming

Ruby Sarkar from Bhopal, MP | भोपाल से 40 और सीहोर मुख्यालय से 30 किलोमीटर दूर अबीदाबाद पंचायत के (Abidabad, Sehore) रहने वाले धन सिंह वर्मा (Dhan singh Verma) कुछ माह पहले तक अपने खेत से सिर्फ एक फसल ले पाते थे, क्योंकि उन्हें खेती की सही तकनीक नहीं मालूम थी. कभी-कभी तो वह डीएपी खाद नहीं मिल … Read more