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Even 58 years after it was introduced, about 43% of the population does not use LPG as their primary cooking fuel. Solar cooking would make our fight against climate change more inclusive and efficient.

Earth journalism story of Ground Report

Ground Report by Pallav Jain & Rajeev Tyagi

What factors put Australia on the red line of Climate Extremes?

Climate change predictions for 2080 are already happening

ByWahid Bhat6 min read
Climate change predictions; The models calculate the state of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, land, and ice, capture past and present
Food items and their carbon emission, Beef emits 31 times more CO2 than tofu

7 Unexpected Carbon Emission Sources in Your Daily Life

ByGround report5 min read
In our daily life, many unsuspecting activities contribute to carbon emissions, impacting the overall health of our planet.

Panzath Nag: Trout Fishing Festival in Kashmir

Panzath Nag: Trout Fishing Festival in Kashmir

ByGround report7 min read
Trout Fishing Festival in Kashmir; All the children and men of a village take a day off to go fishing together once a year, it may sound
Explained: How and why did Venice's Grand Canal turn green?

Explained: How and why did Venice’s Grand Canal turn green?

ByGround Report4 min read
The water of the Grand Canal in Venice has been dyed fluorescent green, especially in the Rialto Bridge area. The causes of this colour

breast flattening

Breast ironing not to attract the men

ByGround report6 min read
Breast ironing is the pounding or ironing of a pubescent girl’s breasts, using hard or heated objects like stones,