South Asia at risk of water insecurity as global warming affects Himalayas

South Asia at risk

Ground Report | New Delhi: South Asia at risk; The impact of global warming in the Himalaya-Karakoram mountains threatens the life and livelihood of 1 billion people who partly depend on the Indus, Ganga, and Brahmaputra rivers. Melting snow and glaciers will make rivers swell, but the changing climate will affect farming, other livelihoods and … Read more

Half of all cotton-growing regions face severe climate risk by 2040

Half of all cotton-growing

Ground Report | New Delhi: Half of all cotton-growing; The first global analysis of climate risks to global cotton production suggests that by 2040, more than half of the world’s cotton-producing regions, including India, will face serious threats from climate change. The biggest reason for this is the increase in temperature, change in rainfall patterns, and … Read more

Climate change Malaria and dengue could affect 8 billion people

Climate change Malaria and dengue

Ground Report | New Delhi: Climate change Malaria and dengue; The climate crisis may prolong the season of activity of dangerous mosquitoes – carriers of deadly diseases. High temperature, precipitation, and humidity will contribute to the fact that insects will invade new regions. These conclusions were reached by specialists from the London School of Hygiene … Read more

More than 83 thousand people die every year due to extreme heat in India

More than 50 lakh people die

Ground Report | New Delhi: More than 83 thousand people die; A recent study showed that every year more than 5 million people die due to extreme hot or cold conditions around the world. It is estimated that it is responsible for about 9.4 percent of the total deaths in the world, which is equivalent … Read more

Air pollutants during pregnancy can affect thyroxine levels in newborns

Air pollutants during pregnancy

Ground Report | New Delhi: Air pollutants during pregnancy; Today, air pollution is a matter of great concern for the whole world. Which is affecting health in different ways at different stages of age, which also threatens the unborn child. Some recent studies have shown that exposure to air pollution. During pregnancy adversely affects the … Read more

Asian male elephants prefer to be alone: ​​Study

Asian male elephants

Ground Report | New Delhi: Asian male elephants; As the human-elephant conflict has increased over time, it has become very important to understand the social behavior of elephants. Elephants are generally considered to be quite social. The study of their behavior becomes important for the conservation and management of endangered Asian elephants. Asian male elephants … Read more

Farmers plan daily protest outside Parliament during Monsoon Session

Farmers plan daily protest

Ground Report | New Delhi: Farmers plan daily protest; Farmers, who have been protesting against agricultural laws on the borders of Delhi for several months, plan to gherao Parliament in the upcoming monsoon session. Farmers plan daily protest The members of the United Kisan Morcha (SKM) took this decision during a meeting held on the … Read more

Agri Minister flagged off Nano Urea for farmers in Madhya Pradesh

Agri Minister flagged

Ground Report | New Delhi: Agri Minister flagged off Nano Urea; Union Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister N S Tomar today flagged off Nano Urea truck to the farmers in Madhya Pradesh. The truck containing 75 tonnes of equivalent urea was dispatched to Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh from the Kalol plant in Gujarat. The use … Read more

Earth’s frozen water is shrinking 87 thousand square kilometers per year

The danger that comes from the center of the Earth

Ground Report | New Delhi: Earth’s frozen water is shrinking; The global cryosphere, all areas of frozen water on Earth, shrank by approximately 87,000 square kilometers per year on average between 1979 and 2016, due to climate change. It is the result of the first global estimate of the Earth’s surface covered by sea ice, … Read more