National Solar Mission, Explained!

National Solar Mission

National solar mission (NSM) was launched on 11th January 2010 by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. It was an initiative by the Indian Government to promote ecologically sustainable growth while also addressing India’s energy challenges. The target of this mission was to achieve 20 GW of power by 2022. Later, it was increased to 100 … Read more

Discarded bells may be the cause of concern at Tilinga Mandir in Assam

Discarded bells may be the cause of concern at Tilinga Mandir in Assam

Tilinga Mandir Discarded bells: While entering any Hindu temple, ringing the bells is a must as it is believed to ward off evil spirits. According to the Science behind Indian Culture Org, the scientific reason is that a bell’s ring clears our mind and helps us to stay sharp. Furthermore, keep our full concentration on … Read more

Meghalaya’s ‘rat-hole’ of illegal coal mining, a timeline!

rat hole mining in meghalaya

According to the CPCB, Meghalaya is predominantly rich in tertiary coal deposits belonging to the Eocene age (36-56 million years ago). Coal is found in all three undivided hill regions namely Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia hills of Meghalaya. The most common type of mining is rat-hole mining where a narrow tunnel is dug either through … Read more

Microplastics in breast milk and placenta, & can lead to cancer!

microplastics in placenta and breast milk

Plastic is everywhere. Quite literally. With recent research, (micro)plastic is even in what we drink and eat. Even, in the placenta. FYI, the placenta is an organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy. In a research done in Rome, samples of breastmilk were taken from 32 healthy mothers after giving birth. And, 26 out … Read more

Gautam Adani’s expanding coal empire

Adani Cement Plant closure in Himachal: CEO proposes solution

Adani Group and the coal empire are quite synonymous. Before, we talk about the empire let us look at coal as a dirty fossil fuel and energy source. Coal is a significant source of energy all over the world, and some major environmental impacts are associated with coal mining. Coal combustion produces several gases, such … Read more