Why BJP leaders are against their own govt in Madhya Pradesh?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Senior BJP leaders have stormed its party, in the list, BJP leader and former CM Uma Bharti are at the top. Leaders like Kailash Vijayvargiya, former minister Umashankar Gupta, Narayan Tripathi, and KP Tripathi have also opened the front against the party in Madhya Pradesh.

What’s the actual cause?

Political Experts said that there are two main reasons for these veteran leaders’ attitudes. The first one is State Assembly Election, which is around the next year and the second is the pressure of politics. These leaders are on edge and doing all this to maintain their existence in the party. But the question is what exactly do these leaders want? Are they not satisfied with the party?

Uma Bharti wants importance in MP

Former CM and veteran leader UMA Bharti is looking for political relevance so that she gets some work and importance in the party. The way she has opened the front with her liquor ban statement, it will be a matter be seen whether the party will give her a ticket or not.

“I stand with the women and daughters of MP, and I am also concerned about the sons who have become victims of alcohol abuse. I am ashamed that we are earning revenue by playing with their lives and honour,” she added.

Vijayvargiya wants political rehabilitation

Kailash Vijayvargiya wants his political rehabilitation again before the elections. PM Narendra Modi said that dynastic politics will not work. In such a situation, he wanted to leave his impression by getting his son a ticket again.

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Uma Bharti’s Statement

Uma Bharti’s Statement against Shivraj’s Government has opened the front. She is openly opposing the new liquor policy brought to increase revenue. She said, ‘I am with the women and daughters of Madhya Pradesh and also worried for the sons who are becoming victims of alcoholism. The government’s focus on earning revenue by playing on their honour and life, I am also ashamed of it.

Vijayvargiya’s letter

BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya wrote a letter to CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and made it public after the narrator Pandit Pradeep Mishra postponed the Rudraksha festival in Sehore. He also raised the question against Sehore’s administration.

Other veteran leaders like Umashankar Gupta said, ‘I feel ashamed that even in the BJP government, the people of the party had to sit on dharna’. Narayan and KP’s statements also show their resentment of the party. Now it has to be seen how the party will resolve this difference. (BJP leader Madhya Pradesh)

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