‘No death due to lack of oxygen’: Health Ministry tells Rajya Sabha

No death due to lack of oxygen

Ground Report | New Delhi: No death due to lack of oxygen; On the second day of the monsoon session of Parliament, there was a discussion regarding the Covid epidemic. In which all the opposition parties raised the issues of lack of vaccines, lack of beds, and oxygen, during the second wave in hospitals and questioned the government.  New Health … Read more

Must wait for final report on Delhi Oxygen claims: AIIMS Director

oxygen supply task force team

Ground Report | New Delhi: Must wait for final report; It would not be fair to say that Delhi increased its oxygen requirements four times during the second wave of COVID, said AIIMS chief Dr. Randeep Guleria who heads the sub-group leading the audit, reacted to a report that has triggered a fresh clash between … Read more

In second wave of Covid, 15% oxygen was wasted in Uttar Pradesh: Study

third wave of Covid

Ground Report | New Delhi: The second wave of the Covid pandemic has wreaked havoc across the country. Due to this, there was a shortage of beds, medicines, and oxygen in hospitals. A similar situation was seen in Uttar Pradesh as well. Meanwhile, it has now come to the fore that during the peak of the second … Read more

Actual number of deaths from covid two or three times higher: WHO

Covid taking more lives than it is counted, 60-80 lakh people have died: WHO Ground Report | New Delhi: The World Health Organization has said that the actual number of deaths due to covid is two or three times more than what is officially being reported. 34 lakh people have died officially due to corona … Read more

Oxygen concentrator case: BJP alleges Navneet Kalra has links with Congress

Navneet Kalra’s direct relationship with Congress says Meenakshi Lekhi Ground Report | News Desk: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has now made very serious allegations against the Congress for hoarding and black marketing of the oxygen concentrator in Delhi during the covid period.  A large quantity of oxygen concentrators were recovered from Khan Chacha Restaurant … Read more

Neighbour demands ‘sex’ in exchange for oxygen cylinder, tweet goes viral

Second boom of covid virus continues across the country Ground Report | New Delhi: Sex for oxygen: The country is in the grip of the second wave of COVID-19 epidemic along with the incidence of sexual harassment is also increasing continuously. These challenging conditions have embarrassed humanity A Twitter user tweeted about the incident said, “a … Read more

Meet Manzoor Ahmad Asthma patient, supplying oxyegn cylinders to others

I cannot sit at home, I work and earn for my family Ground Report | SRINAGAR: Manzoor Ahmed drives a small truck to deliver oxygen cylinders to needy Corona positive patients. In this pandemic, he also help the needy people of oxygen. He said that I know that those who do not have access to … Read more

Oxygen Cylinders in Jammu and Kashmir

Oxygen Cylinders in Jammu and Kashmir : In recent times, India has been hit by a surge in Covid-19, the health system has completely collapsed due to ever increasing cases of COVID-19. In Jammu and kashmir, oxygen, medicines, testing, ambulances and hospital beds are available in following areas. ALSO READ: A Viral Image That Became A … Read more

Oxygen Cylinders in Bhopal

Covid-19 Resources oxygen cylinder information bhopal

Oxygen Cylinders in Bhopal: कोरोना की दूसरी लहर से देश परेशान है। लगातार बढ़ते मामलों के चलते सिस्टम पूरी तरह से चरमरा चुका है। लोगों को ऑक्सीज़न और तमाम दवाईयों के लिए परेशान होना पड़ रहा है। ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट भोपाल में उपलब्ध सभी ज़रुरी सेवाओं जैसे ऑक्सीज़न, दवाईयां, टेस्टिंग, एंबुलेंस और हॉस्पिटल बेड्स के बारे … Read more

Families of Covid-19 sufferers in India are forced to beg for oxygen

lack of oxygen, 132 people died in these 9 hospitals of India, So far Coronavirus second wave India

India has become the epicenter of the worldwide pandemic and on Sunday reported a global record for the most number of infections in a day with 354,531 new cases of COVID-19. Desperate families of COVID-19 virus sufferers in India are forced to beg for oxygen. ALSO READ: A Viral Image That Became A Symbol Of The Devastation Caused By Covid In … Read more