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551 Oxygen Plant to be set up in country with help of PM Cares Fund

551 oxygen plants will be set up in India from the PM Cares fund created during the Corona epidemic last year.

“In line with Prime Minister’s direction of boosting availability of oxygen to hospitals, the PM CARES Fund has given in-principle approval for allocation of funds for installation of 551 dedicated Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Medical Oxygen Generation Plants inside public health facilities in the country.

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PM has directed that these plants should be made functional as soon as possible. He said that these plants will serve as a major boost to oxygen availability at the district level,” the PMO stated in a press release

It has been said in the release that 551 PSA Oxygen plants will be set up in government hospitals in district headquarters in different parts of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that these plants will be commissioned as soon as possible.

The work of setting up and commissioning an oxygen plant will be under the supervision of the Union Health Ministry.

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The release said that earlier Rs 201.558 crore was allocated from the PM Cares Fund to set up 162 oxygen plants.

For the last few days, people were also asking questions on social media that when the country is going through the worst phase of the epidemic, then what is PM Cares helping in such a time.

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On March 27, a few days after the first lockdown to prevent corona virus infection in India, Narendra Modi formed the PM Cares Fund and appealed to the people to contribute financially.

After PM Modi’s appeal, donations started coming in from many areas. Industrialists, celebrities, companies and the common man also contributed to this.

According to media reports, 65 billion rupees were collected in this fund within a week.

The PM Cares Fund has been in controversy since the beginning. Many people questioned that when the PM National Relief Fund (PMNRF) has been in place since 1948, what was the need of the new fund?

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Within a few days of the formation of PM Cares Fund, questions were also raised about how this fund has been created and how it is being managed, how much money has been collected so far and for whom and how it will be used.

Petitions were filed in the courts under the Right to Information (RTI) to bring more transparency in the matter. But till now it has been said that PM Cares Fund is not a public authority.

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