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Actual number of deaths from covid two or three times higher: WHO

The World Health Organization has said that the actual number of deaths due to covid is two or three times more than what is

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Covid taking more lives than it is counted, 60-80 lakh people have died: WHO

Ground Report | New Delhi: The World Health Organization has said that the actual number of deaths due to covid is two or three times more than what is officially being reported. 34 lakh people have died officially due to corona till now. In its annual report on global health statistics, the organization has said that this figure can actually be between 60 to 8 million.

According to the report, in the year 2020, 3 million excess deaths, or 1.2 million more than officially reported. "Whether directly or indirectly, the deaths due to covid-19 are much lower than the actual deaths."

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The UN agency estimates that by May 2021 Corona has directly killed 3.4 million people. Samira Asma, assistant director-general (data and analytics division) of WHO, said, "The number will actually be two to three times higher. So I think there would have been 60–8 million deaths. ”WHO data analyst William Mesemburi said the estimate was not counted and indirectly due to covid-19, such as lack of hospitals or ban on movement, such as Issues include deaths due to.

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According to the organization, at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic, many people died before the confirmation of covid-19. At the same time, many countries did not even have proper procedure to record the data related to deaths due to covid-19 at that time.

"At the time of writing, more than 160 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and 3.3 million deaths had been reported to WHO. Yet these numbers are only a partial picture, as many countries have not been able to accurately measure and report on deaths that are either directly or indirectly attributable to Covid-19," WHO Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said in the report.

WHO's World Health Statistics report 2021 presents the latest data for more than 50 health-related indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals and WHO's "triple billion" targets.

The report showed that the region of the Americas and the European Region have been the most affected due to Covid, together comprising over three quarters of cases reported globally, with respective case rates per 100,000 population of 5,999 and 5,455.

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