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Families of Covid-19 sufferers in India are forced to beg for oxygen

India has become the epicenter of the worldwide pandemic and on Sunday reported a global with 354,531 new cases of COVID-19.

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lack of oxygen, 132 people died in these 9 hospitals of India, So far Coronavirus second wave India

India has become the epicenter of the worldwide pandemic and on Sunday reported a global record for the most number of infections in a day with 354,531 new cases of COVID-19.

Desperate families of COVID-19 virus sufferers in India are forced to beg for oxygen.

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Outside a Sikh temple east of India's capital New Delhi, streets are lined with vehicles full of sick or dying Covid sufferers who crave oxygen .

Out of desperation they are forced to breathe air from a bottle of oxygen on the street that has been provided free of charge by a Sikh charity.

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Hospitals were so overwhelmed that they were begging for oxygen while those unable to get oxygen were left to die on the road.

For the fourth day running Sikh Khalsa Help International, Sikh charities have supplied oxygen to the people rather than the Government.

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Kind-hearted volunteers are helping the charity as the country is gripped by a second, devastating wave of Covid.

"I don't know what the government is doing. If we can do this, why can't they?" Gurpreet Singh, founder of the charity said.

The second wave of the pandemic in India has resulted in one Covid-19 death in less than every four minutes in Delhi.

Dozens of COVID-19 patients have died in hospitals in India’s capital amid suggestions that low oxygen supplies were to blame.

Doctors have taken to social media to beg public authorities to get them resupplied, and the government has mobilised to bring oxygen supplies by train, plane and truck.

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