Raccoon dog was behind Covid-19 pandemic not bats: Research

Raccoon dog was behind Covid-19 pandemic not bats: Research

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have been working to identify the origin of the virus. One theory is that it may have come from an animal, and a recent study suggests that raccoon dogs may have played a role in the virus’s spread. COVID-19 genome linked to raccoon dogs Raccoon dogs are … Read more

New Covid cases worldwide, an increase of 11% in just one week

New Covid cases worldwide, an increase of 11% in just one week

Ground Report | New Delhi: New Covid cases worldwide; The World Health Organization’s (WHO) in its latest weekly report on the global coronavirus epidemic, a large number of new coronavirus cases worldwide are caused by infections caused by a variant of the virus called omicron. New Covid cases worldwide The total number of new coronavirus … Read more

When will third wave of Covid hit India, what do experts say?

third wave of Covid

The vaccination campaign has not yet gained momentum in India and only 5% of the population has been fully vaccinated Ground Report | New Delhi: The third wave of Covid may knock in India by October this year. This has been said in a survey of medical experts conducted by the news agency Reuters. Experts say that this … Read more

Covid: Wuhan lab staff was sick before outbreak of epidemic: Intelligence report claims

Ground Report | New Delhi: An American intelligence report claimed that three researchers from the Wuhan Lab fell ill about a month before the corona epidemic spread to the world. US newspaper Wall Street Journal news reported, According to the three researchers of Wuhan Institute of Virology fell ill in November 2019 and they had to … Read more

Reduced air pollution during COVID-19

Lockdown again

Less traffic on the streets, industrial production partially paralyzed, the offices orphaned, many aircraft remain on the ground – how does the Covid crisis affect the environment and environmental health risks? Is the air getting better and maybe even saving the climate? How much does aircraft noise decrease?  Ground Report | New Delhi: The fight against the … Read more

420 doctors died of Covid in second Wave, 100 died in Delhi

420 doctors died of Covid in second Wave, 100 died in Delhi

Ground Report | New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association said 420 doctors have died from Covid-19 in the second wave, including 100 doctors from Delhi. According to the data released by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Delhi alone recorded 100 deaths. So many doctors died in second wave The Indian Medical Association (IMA) released the data … Read more

Actual number of deaths from covid two or three times higher: WHO

Covid taking more lives than it is counted, 60-80 lakh people have died: WHO Ground Report | New Delhi: The World Health Organization has said that the actual number of deaths due to covid is two or three times more than what is officially being reported. 34 lakh people have died officially due to corona … Read more

How dangerous is it to work more than 55 hours a week?

Working long hours can lead to many health problems

Ground Report | New Delhi: Working more hours in a week is proving fatal for millions of people all over the world. Working more than 55 hours is causing heart disease and it is causing death, covid-19 has greatly changed the way many people work. Death threat WHO and International Labour Organization, working more than 55 … Read more

Covid: Scientists’ new warning about AC and closed room

Ground Report | New Delhi: A central government advisory says aerosols can travel up to 10 meters in the air, so skylights should be open indoors to prevent covid infection so that ventilation can take place properly. The risk of infection in open houses is less. This advisory has been issued from the office of the … Read more