420 doctors died of Covid in second Wave, 100 died in Delhi

Ground Report | New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association said 420 doctors have died from Covid-19 in the second wave, including 100 doctors from Delhi. According to the data released by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Delhi alone recorded 100 deaths.

So many doctors died in second wave

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) released the data saying that 420 doctors died across the country due to corona being infected with the virus in the second wave. While 100 of these doctors have died in Delhi alone.

However the IMA said on Thursday, two days ago, 329 doctors have died in the second wave of Covid-19 virus epidemic in the country, out of which 80 doctors have lost their lives in Bihar. According to the IMA, apart from 80 doctors from Bihar, 73 have died in Delhi, 41 in Uttar Pradesh, 22 in Andhra Pradesh and 20 in Telangana. 

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According to the IMA, 748 doctors died of infection during the first wave of pandemic covid-19. President of IMA, Dr. JA Jayalal told that the Indian Medical Association is preparing this list based on the information received from branches spread across the country. In First wave of the Covid-19 pandemic India had lost 748 doctors.

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Significantly, on Friday, people who lost their lives from covid-19 became emotional of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While communicating with the doctors, the Prime Minister became emotional by remembering those who lost their lives from covid-19. On Friday, PM became emotional while communicating with Kashi’s doctors, paramedical staff and other health workers through a video conference.

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