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Covid: Rushing to crowded places increases chances of getting infected

Covid virus is formidable, second wave targeting young population: Medical Expert

Ground Report | SRINAGAR: Acknowledging pan World spread of the virulent SAR COV2 disease and the large scale devastation and deaths caused by it, Dr Ishrat Hussain Dar, Professor Medicine, Government Medical College, Srinagar termed Covid-19, a formidable and killer disease. He said second Corona wave is highly infectious, targeting mostly younger people and leaving trail of death as many people have also succumbed to this disease.

In this regard, Dr Ishrat while emphasizing on mandatory wearing of masks at every social gathering particularly in hospitals, offices, markets, religious places and homes asked people to protect themselves and family by wearing triple surgical or cotton masks and to avoid putting on filter masks. 

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People need to understand the gravity of the situation and should take precautionary measures even at home, he advised and asked for maintenance physical distance at home, also.

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Rushing to crowded places will increase the chances of getting infected with the disease that may aggravate health of a person, he cautioned.

“Passengers should also wear multiple masks,” said Dr Ishrat Hussain Dar while also recommending  wearing of masks by private transporters.

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Family members of an infected person need to take precautions and adopt safe protocol in letter and spirit like using PPE, Gloves and Masks, he said while speaking about attending to home Isolated persons by family members in the same way as a covid positive patient is attended in a hospital.

“Wash hand with soap if the sanitizers are not readily available at home, soaps help as much as a disinfectant”, he informed.

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