How many Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine war so far?

Horrific Story: Russian troops killed disabled woman

Ukraine has said some 18,300 Russian soldiers have been killed in the country as the war enters its 40th day. In a Facebook post on Monday, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said the Russian military lost 147 planes, 134 helicopters and 647 tanks. At least 1,844 Russian armoured vehicles, 330 artillery systems, … Read more

Russia limits visa-free entry for ‘unfriendly countries’; Check List

Russia limits visa-free entry for 'unfriendly countries'; Check List

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Monday introducing visa restrictions for citizens of unfriendly countries Russia considers ”unfriendly” in response to sanctions against Ukraine. The decree, which takes effect on Monday, suspends Russia’s simplified visa-issuing regime with some European Union countries, as well as with Norway, Switzerland, Denmark and Iceland. It also ordered … Read more

Who is Azatbek Omurbekov responsible for mass killings in Bucha?

'Butcher of Bucha' whose troops 'raped women named

The suspected commander of Russian operations Azatbek Omurbekov in a Ukrainian city Bucha where civilians were massacred has been named. Ukrainian authorities vowed to hunt down “Bucha’s butchers” after hundreds of civilians were found dead as Kremlin forces withdrew from the city, prompting accusations of war crimes, reported. Intelligence sources in Kyiv have named … Read more

Who was Vitaly Slabtsov Russian Lt Colonel killed in Ukraine?

Who was Vitaly Slabtsov Lt Colonel killed in Ukraine?

The Russian colonel Vitaly Slabtsov was reportedly assassinated in Ukraine as Vladimir Putin’s troops continue to be hit by major setbacks more than a month into the war. Colonel Vitaly Slabtsov, 43, was an elite paratrooper with the 83rd Separate Airborne Brigade based in Ussuriysk in eastern Russia. The exact nature of his death is … Read more

Russian soldiers die after eating poisoned pies

Russian soldiers die after eating poisoned pies

Ground Report | New Delhi: Two Russian soldiers have died after eating poisoned pies given to them by Ukrainian citizens, a Ukrainian intelligence agency has said. Soldiers from Russia’s 3rd Motorized Rifle Division died immediately after eating delicacies served by residents in Izium near Kharkiv, according to Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate. Another 28 Russian soldiers … Read more

Pregnant woman that went viral appears on Russian media

Pregnant woman that went viral appears on Russian media

A few weeks ago, a shocking image of Marianna, a pregnant woman evacuated from a hospital affected by an airstrike in Mariupol, went viral, she has now appeared in pro-Kremlin Russian media. In the video, she claims that there was no airstrike on the hospital. However, she believes she was hit by shells. She has … Read more

How many Russian soldiers died in Ukraine so far?

How many Russian soldiers died in Ukraine so far?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Reports have emerged in recent days that Russian troops in Ukraine, stalled in their advance and suffered numerous military setbacks, sabotaged their own equipment, refused to fight and follow orders and even, in one report, ran over their own commander. The Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine from the 331st … Read more

Russia claims 14,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 16,000 wounded in war

‘Kill them all’: audio leaked from Russian soldiers in Ukraine

Ground Report | New Delhi: Some 14,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 16,000 wounded so far in the Russia Ukrainian war. 1,351 Russian soldiers were also killed in military operations in Ukraine and 3,825 were wounded. During the first month of Russia’s special operation, Ukraine lost about 30,000 men, including 14,000 killed in action, … Read more

Ukraine Russia: ‘Only words’, says Ukraine’s president on peace talks

Ukraine Russia: 'Only words', says Ukraine's president on peace talks

Ground Report | New Delhi: Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that talks for a ceasefire with Russia and Ukraine are continuing, but that at the moment, “they are just words” and that there is “nothing concrete”. “We don’t believe in anyone,” said the Ukrainian leader. “There is a real situation on the battlefield. We will … Read more

Russia Ukraine war: Does President Putin want to end the war?

Russia-Ukraine war: What does President Putin want to end the war?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Delegations from Russia and Ukraine have discussed the ongoing war between the two countries in Istanbul. Both sides have previously stated some of their positions. After five weeks of bombings, thousands of deaths in devastated cities and the displacement of more than 10 million people, what does President Putin want to … Read more