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23rd day of Russia-Ukraine war, what happened so far?

23rd day of Russia-Ukraine war, what happened so far

Ground Report | New Delhi: 23rd day of Russia-Ukraine war; On the morning of Friday, 18, Russian missiles hit an aircraft factory near Lviv airport, about six kilometers from the city centre. Mayor Andriy Sadovy said on his Telegram account that the site, used for aircraft repairs, was inactive and that no casualties were reported.

In western Ukraine, Lviv is 80 kilometers from the Polish border. Ukraine 24 TV station posted a short video on its Telegram page in which a cloud of smoke can be seen rising over the horizon. Attacks in this area have been rare since the beginning of the war, which raises the concern of the Ukrainian defence.

According to the American newspaper The New York Times, the attack may have been an attempt to hit Ukraine’s air force capabilities. According to the Ukrainian press, the factory had a contract to repair and modify MiG-29 fighter jets and was “the only company” in the country that did the job.

Ukraine’s emergency services said on Friday that one person died and four were injured after parts of a Russian missile landed on a residential building in the northern part of the capital Kyiv. Twelve people were rescued and another 98 evacuated from the five-story building, according to Reuters.

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23rd day of Russia-Ukraine war

  • According to Ukraine’s defense ministry, about 14,200 Russian soldiers have been killed since the Russian offensive began.
  • Russia has attacked for the first time in Ukraine’s western city of Lviv. This attack took place on the maintenance plant near the airport. According to the mayor of Lviv, Russian missiles attacked the aircraft repair plant. There is no report of any casualty in the attack.
  • UK broadcast regulator Ofcom has canceled the broadcasting license of Russian-backed broadcaster Russia Today (RT) with immediate effect.
  • Defense officials in the US and UK say that Russian forces have not occupied any new territory recently. They believe that the morale of Russian soldiers is falling and military supplies are being disrupted.
  • Firing continues in Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkhiev, but Ukrainian troops remain in their place.
  • According to Poland’s Border Guard Agency, about two million people have left Ukraine and came to Poland since the start of the war.
  • Local officials say the southeastern city of Mariupol has been heavily attacked by Russian forces. About 30,000 people have managed to get out of the city.
  • Those who came out alive are said to be leaving the theater of Mariupol. According to Ukraine, this theater was bombed by Russia. At the time of the bombing, 1000 to 1200 people had taken shelter here.
  • Officials say more than 1,000 Ukrainians were evacuated from Kiev overnight. These people were taken in buses and cars.
  • Today US President Joe Biden will talk to Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on the phone. It is believed that he will warn Xi Jinping that if China tries to save Russia from Western sanctions, it will pay a price.
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