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Russia plans to capture whole of Ukraine: Report

Russia plans to capture whole of Ukraine Report

Ground Report | New Delhi: Russia capture whole of Ukraine; A source of counterintelligence in Ukraine has told the Ukrainska Pravda website that Russia plans to take control of the capital Kiev and the entire country. The source has explained Russia’s plan in detail. However, this cannot be confirmed.

Seizing the main airport and air traffic controls in the capital Kiev, attacking the border to distract Ukrainian troops and landing 10,000 troops in the capital. Disrupting electricity and communications in Kiev to spread chaos.

Inciting refugees to flee, so that Ukrainian soldiers could not move here and there. Capturing government buildings, cabinet and parliament and forcing the country’s leadership to sign agreements on the condition of Russia. Bringing in pro-Russian leaders and splitting Ukraine into two parts like East and West Germany.

Further, according to reports, it is planned to capture and control the main authorities – the OP, the General Staff, the Cabinet, the Verkhovna Rada and keep them until the arrival of the main forces.

The desired result is to seize the leadership of the state (it is not specified who exactly) and force them to sign a peace agreement on Russian terms under blackmail and the possibility of the death of large numbers of civilians.

Even if part of the country’s leadership is evacuated, some pro-Russian politicians will be able to “take responsibility” and sign documents, citing the “escape” of the political leadership from Kyiv.

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As a result, Ukraine can be divided into two parts – on the principle of West and East Germany (or North and South Korea). At the same time, the Russian Federation recognizes the legitimate part of Ukraine that will sign these agreements and will be loyal to the Russian Federation.

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