‘Andhera Kaa’yam Rahae’: Electricity Playing Hide and Seek in Kashmir

'Andhera Kaa'yam Rahae': Electricity Playing Hide and Seek in Kashmir

Ramadhan one of the holiest month for Muslims is also considered as the month of light. But scenes from Kashmiri households have a different story to tell. Kashmiris have been witnessing power cuts during Ramadhan since the year 2020. But like every year, the administration promised of full power supply during this holy month, alas! … Read more

Do you know how many people still live without electricity?

Without electricity, 733 million are living in the dark

Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine slow progress towards universal access to energy, and still 733 million people in the world do not have electricity and 2.4 billion cook with fuels that are harmful to health and the environment, as per the latest study. The report was prepared by the World Bank, the World Health … Read more

Unpaid coal bills of states in crores, see list of defaulters

Unpaid coal bills of states in crores, see list of defaulters

The temperature exceeded 42 degrees, and in this situation, the electricity crisis has made life difficult for many people in many states. The gap between the growth of demand and the shortage of supply reached 623 million units. The reasons for power outages and load reductions are given for various reasons, from lack of coal … Read more

Afghanistan govt. offer Taliban to share power

Taliban increasingly violent against protesters: UN

Ground Report | New Delhi: Afghanistan govt. offer Taliban; Afghan government negotiators in Qatar have offered the Taliban a share of power in exchange for a ceasefire. The offer was made during the ongoing Trika Plus talks in Qatar, AFP quoted sources as saying. Afghanistan govt. offer Taliban “The government has made this offer with … Read more

People in Power, who made sexist comments against women

sexist comments against women

There is also a relationship of trust between the children and the parents and this relationship also crumbles and gets spoiled by this kind of monitoring and nagging Ground Report | New Delhi: The series of questions on the freedom of women to choose clothes in the ‘Azad’ country India is not taking the name … Read more

Tragically, toxic emissions from 12 power plants kills 681 people in India each year

Toxic fumes emanating from 12 thermal power plants located in a 300km radius of Delhi are estimated to kill 218 people each year in the nation’s capital, a new study shows. According to a study by the Center for Clean Air and Energy Research (CREA) it was found that an estimated 4,830 annual deaths nationwide … Read more

Jammu Kashmir: This village to get electricity after 73 years of independence

People from four villages situated along the Chenab river in Kishtwar district have started living new life since Monday. 73 years after independence, new light has come to their homes.  When the power switch was pressed on Monday, not only did the bulbs light up, but the faces of the future also blossomed with dreams of … Read more

Was power cut in Mumbai on October 12 result of cyber attack?

Amid strained relations between India and China, an American company has said that hackers (cyber attack) of a group linked to the Chinese government targeted Mumbai vital power grid through malware. US-based Massachusetts-based cyber security company Recorded Future, which studies the Internet usage of various countries, has reported in a recent report that a group … Read more