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People in Power, who made sexist comments against women

The series of questions on the freedom of women to choose clothes in the 'Azad' country India first time those in power have sexist comments.

By Ground Report
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sexist comments against women

There is also a relationship of trust between the children and the parents and this relationship also crumbles and gets spoiled by this kind of monitoring and nagging

Ground Report | New Delhi: The series of questions on the freedom of women to choose clothes in the 'Azad' country India is not taking the name of stopping. In the last few months, people in power have demonstrated their tight thinking about women's clothing. A statement of Women's Commission Meena Kumari has surprised everyone. But this is not the first time those in power have made victim-blaming or sexist remarks.

Such statements can only be described as curbing the freedom of women and girls. There is also a relationship of trust between the children and the parents and this relationship also crumbles and gets spoiled by this kind of monitoring and nagging.

Women's Commission UP Meena Kumari (2021)

The Women's Commission, made for the protection of the rights of women, has to suffer many times due to the statements of the women members involved in it. The latest case is from Uttar Pradesh, where Meena Kumari, a member of the Women's Commission, has said that the family members should check the mobile phones of girls.

Meena Kumari said in a conversation with the journalists, “Along with us, the society will also have to advocate in this. You will have to see your daughters, where are the daughters going, with which boy they are sitting, their mobiles will also have to be seen.

She said, “I tell everyone that girls keep talking on mobiles and run away from home for marriage.” He appealed to the people not to give mobiles to girls and if they do, keep a close watch on them.

Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat (2021)

It was a few days ago when Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat was embroiled in controversies by making a statement on 'torn jeans'. CM had seen women's rites from their torn jeans and had given a certificate that they could not raise children properly.

The woman was wearing shoes, jeans were torn at her knees and several bangles were in her hands. Two children were traveling with him. She runs an NGI, goes out into the society, and has two children but wears jeans that are torn at the knees. What value will it provide?

Chandramukhi Devi, member of National Commission for Women (2021)

National Commission for Women (NCW) member Chandramukhi Devi courted controversy by saying that the incident could have been avoided had the victim not come out of the house in the evening.

I think if the woman had not come out in the evening or had a child with her, the incident (Badaun rape case) would not have happened.

A woman should always keep track of time and should not come out late even if under pressure from anyone. I wonder if the victim had not gone out alone in the evening or accompanied any family member, she could have been saved."

Sajjan Singh Verma former congress minister in Madhya Pradesh (2021)

A girl is ready for reproduction by the age of 15,” he said. “...On what basis does girls’ marriage age should be increased to 21 from 18?. “I feel that the marriage age of daughters should be increased from 18 to 21 years,” Chouhan had said. “I want to make this a matter of debate, and the country and the state should reflect on this.”

People's Republican Party (PRP) leader Jaideep Kawade (2019)

Kawade made the remarks in the context of Irani wearing a big 'bindi' (a coloured dot) on her forehead. Smriti ji, who is the minister of Gadkari and Modi, sits in the parliament and talks about changing the constitution, but she must remember that changing the constitution is not as easy as changing her husband.


BJP MLA Surendra Singh (2020)

Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Uttar Pradesh Surendra Singh said that parents of young women should inculcate good values ​​in them to prevent incidents of rape. Her remarks came amid nationwide outrage over the death of a 19-year-old Dalit woman from the state's Hathras district when four upper-caste Thakur men raped and tortured her.

I am a teacher, even if the government stands with swords, such incidents do not stop. Such incidents will stop when parents will give Sanskars to their daughters and inculcate good values in them.


Former Chief Justice of India SA Bobde

We will record your statement that the elderly, women and children will not take part in the present protest." We would like to register our appreciation for this stand (elders, women). and children not participating in future protests). We either don't understand why old men and women are kept in opposition?

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