Why did India send notice to Pakistan on Indus Water Treaty?

Why India give notice to Pakistan for changes in Indus Water Treaty?

India has issued a notice to Pakistan, adamant on not resolving the Kishanganga and Ratle hydropower project disputes in Jammu and Kashmir, stating the need to amend the Indus Water Treaty, of 1960. India give notice to Pakistan Media reports quoted sources as saying that India issued this notice on January 25 through commissioners appointed … Read more

Is India’s think tank planning to divide Pakistan into three parts?

Is India's think tank planning to divide Pakistan into three parts?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said in an interview with a private news channel of Pakistan that Pakistan will be divided into three parts if the army does not take the right decision. Imran Khan said that Pakistan is moving towards suicide. He said that Pakistan will soon … Read more

Is PM Modi going to visit Pakistan?

Is PM Modi going to visit Pakistan?

Ground Report | New Delhi: PM Modi to visit Pakistan; In recent days, there have been reports that informal talks between India and Pakistan are expected to yield better results. It is said that if further talks improve relations then Prime Minister Narendra Modi could visit Pakistan soon. Prominent Pakistani businessman Mian Muhammad Mansha said … Read more

India vs Pakistan: Pakistan to propose four-nation series at ICC meeting

Pakistan to propose four-nation series at ICC meeting

Ground Report | New Delhi: India vs Pakistan four-nation series; Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Rameez Raja is considering a proposal for a four-nation T20 series to boost international matches between Pakistan and India. According to the sports website code, the potential series will include teams from Pakistan and India, as well as Australia and England. … Read more

History of India-Pakistan on cricket field?

History of India-Pakistan on cricket field?

Ground Report | New Delhi: History of India-Pakistan on cricket field; Pakistan and India will play in the T20 World Cup on Sunday, October 24 in Dubai. The match between India and Pakistan is considered to be the biggest match in the world of cricket. Let’s take a look at the history of the first … Read more

All you need to know about ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ controversy


The teaser released shows how the hatred and fighting off an Indian Hindu boy with a Pakistani Muslim girl Ground Report | New Delhi: Dhoop Ki Deewar’ controversy; There has been a boil on the social media of Pakistan regarding the trailer of a new web series ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’. The web series is premiering … Read more

India can do something again in Kashmir says Pakistan Foreign Minister

Jammu strike first-time post Article 370, what is the reason?

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Zahid Chaudhry has said that any new step by India cannot change the legal status of Kashmir Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, while informing the United Nations, has expressed serious concern that India may again do something big in Kashmir. In a statement issued by … Read more

Talks with India if Article 370 restored: Pakistan PM Imran Khan

IMF Question Pakistan on Discrimination with Minorities

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that improving relations with India in the current situation would be a betrayal of Kashmiris. Earlier, there were hopes that the relationship between the two would improve. Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated on Sunday, that it was not possible to restore trade ties … Read more

Helping India and Pakistan to negotiate: confirms UAE

The United Arab Emirates has confirmed its efforts to hold talks between India and Pakistan. The UAE ambassador to the US has said in a statement that his country is trying to establish a healthy and active relationship between India and Pakistan. Ambassador Usal Al Otiba said, ‘Where we have influence between two countries, we try … Read more

India, Pakistan held secret talks on Kashmir in January: Reuters

Secret talks between the top intelligence officials of India and Pakistan were held in Dubai in January to resolve the Kashmir issue. According to Reuters, a Delhi source with close knowledge of India-Pakistan affairs told him that a secret meeting between the two countries was held in Dubai in January with the participation of top … Read more