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'India more developed than Pakistan', concedes Pakistan PM Imran Khan

When Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan attacked his political rivals on Thursday, at one place he compared India to Pakistan.

By Ground report
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When Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan attacked his political rivals on Thursday, at one place he compared India to Pakistan.

It is being discussed on social media since morning.

Imran Khan said, "Between Pakistan and India, let me tell you the difference ... When I used to come to Pakistan from India playing cricket, it seemed that I have come from poor country to rich country."

Imran Khan said this in a live TV program while addressing the nation.

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In his address, before this, he was telling how the economic condition of Pakistan has deteriorated in the last four decades.

He said, "Imran Khan is a politician who had everything before he entered politics." I am probably the man who had the most fame in the country even before joining politics. The amount of money I had was enough for my life. So the question is, why did I get into politics? I want to tell the youth of Pakistan."

“My parents were born in Ghulam Hindustan. But I am from the first generation who was born in an independent country and we were very proud of our country. The example of Pakistan was given in the world 50-55 years ago. Pakistan had a status inside the world. When our President went out, the American President came to meet him. We were going up But slowly, I saw my country coming down."

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“After 1985 there was catastrophe in this country. Corruption began to increase in the country. When money started running inside politics, it was 1985. Then we were seeing that people started coming to politics to set up factories, to do business. They were becoming PMs, setting up factories and their wazirs were also making money, and from that time our country started going down."

After this, Imran Khan compared India to Pakistan. He said that "I came into politics with the intention that both the weak and the powerful in Pakistan get justice and the law should be looked at by both."

In his address of about half an hour, Imran Khan attacked the opposition parties fiercely. They questioned his intentions. He explained why it is important for Pakistan to come out of the gray list of FATF.

He said that he was being blackmailed after losing the most talked about Islamabad seat in the Senate, so that he would leave the post. But Imran Khan categorically denied this.

He said that a bribe of crores of rupees was offered to his party members. At the same time, he claimed that some people of his party also sold themselves.

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He said that 'those who steal a few rupees are lodged in jails of Pakistan, while the man who has held the post of Prime Minister alone steals billions of rupees, which the public has to pay.'

According to some Pakistani political analysts, 'Prime Minister Imran Khan tried his best to garner people's sympathy through this address, because pressure from the opposition to resign on him has increased constantly, but how much time will his efforts come will tell .'

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