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Is India's think tank planning to divide Pakistan into three parts?

Divide Pakistan; Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former Prime Minister of Pak Imran Khan has said in an interview with

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Is India's think tank planning to divide Pakistan into three parts?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said in an interview with a private news channel of Pakistan that Pakistan will be divided into three parts if the army does not take the right decision. Imran Khan said that Pakistan is moving towards suicide. He said that Pakistan will soon default if the right decision is not taken.

Imran Khan was asked what is his strategy for the future? In response to this question, he said, "What do I want now? Whatever I had to give to Allah, I have already given it. Actually, this is the issue of Pakistan. If the army does not take the right decision at this time, then it itself will be destroyed first. I can give this in writing. Ever since they have come, the rupee is falling, the stock market is falling, and things are getting expensive. Pakistan is moving towards being a defaulter.

"If we default, it means that we will go towards bankruptcy. The biggest institution is the Pakistan Army and that will be affected. When the army is hit, then the biggest discount will be taken from us which was taken from Ukraine. We will be forced to nuclear disarmament.

"We are the only Islamic country that has nuclear deterrence. What will happen when this power is gone from us? I tell you today that Pakistan will have three parts. You see in the think tank of Hindustan, they have a plan to separate Balochistan. Their plan remains in place. This time if the right decisions are not taken, then the country will move towards suicide. That's why I'm pushing."

Imran Khan's statement of dividing Pakistan into three parts is being criticized. Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is on a visit to Turkey. He has criticized Imran Khan's statement by tweeting. In his tweet, Shahbaz Sharif has written, "I am making an agreement in Turkey and on the other hand, Imran Niazi is threatening against the country. This shows that Niazi is not fit to hold any responsible post. It is clear from his recent interview. Do your politics but don't cross the limits and don't talk about breaking Pakistan.

Imran Khan has said that if elections are not announced at the earliest, then civil war will break out in the country.

Imran Khan, referring to the crowd involved in his freedom march, said in an interview with Bol News, "There can be no greater happiness for a country than to wake up the whole community. This genie that came out of the bottle is back. will not go.'' "Now if you close the constitutional path, then the country will move towards civil war."

Speaking about the eventful night of April 9 when a vote of no confidence removed him from power, he said: "History never spares anyone." "Things come out. If you ask me, I won't go into details, but when history is written, it will be counted as a night when Pakistan and its institutions suffered a lot of damage."

"Those same institutions weakened Pakistan that gave it its foundation and strengthened it." He said he had made it clear to "neutrals," a thinly veiled reference to the establishment, that PTI's economic progress, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, was nothing short of a miracle.

“I told them that if they do this and if this plot succeeds, then our economy will collapse,” he said. He further said that the current "defining moment" was "a test for the establishment." "Everyone knows they are the powerful ones, so they are on trial. This is a trial against the judiciary and the Supreme Court ."

In addition, he ruled out the possibility of returning to the National Assembly because it would be like accepting the "conspiracy."

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