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Helping India and Pakistan to negotiate: confirms UAE

The United Arab Emirates has confirmed its efforts to hold talks between India and Pakistan. The UAE ambassador to the US has said in a statement that his country is trying to establish a healthy and active relationship between India and Pakistan.

Ambassador Usal Al Otiba said, ‘Where we have influence between two countries, we try to help. The latest example is from India and Pakistan.

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When asked whether the UAE is trying to hold talks between India and Pakistan, he said that he is doing it at all. He said that even if India and Pakistan do not become very good friends, the purpose of UAE is to start a conversation between the two.

Meanwhile, news agency Reuters has said in a report that in January this year, talks between officials of India’s intelligence agency Raw and Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI were held in Dubai. This was an attempt to reduce tension in Jammu and Kashmir.

Relations between the nuclear-armed countries have been strained since 2019, when an attack on an military convoy in Kashmir killed 40 Indian soldiers. India blamed Pakistani-backed terrorists for the attacks and retaliated by targeting Pakistani territory with its warplanes.

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On August 5, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revoked the special constitutional status of Kashmir with the aim of strengthening the grip on Kashmir. In response to this move, Pakistan reduced the level of diplomatic relations with India and suspended trade relations.

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A source in Delhi who confirmed the meeting said, “There is still a lot that can go wrong. It has happened many times, so no one is talking about it in public.” We can’t even name it. This is not a peace effort. You could call it a reunion. “

There are also reasons for the two countries to restore bilateral relations. India has been embroiled in a border dispute with China since last year and does not want to open a new military front with Pakistan.

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On the other hand, China’s ally Pakistan is mired in economic difficulties and is dependent on the IMF bailout package to get out of financial difficulties. In such a scenario, the question is whether he will be able to withstand the long-term tension on the Kashmir border while he also wants to keep his western border stable after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

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