Russian soldier surrenders with tank for Ukrainian citizenship

Ground Report | New Delhi: Russian soldier surrenders; A Russian soldier surrendered with a tank in exchange for £7,500 and Ukrainian citizenship. The man, identified only as Misha, waved the white flag and begged to switch sides after his military colleagues fled and his commander threatened to shoot him, The Sun reported.

The Russian soldier identified as “Misha” called us a few days ago. We passed information about him to the GUR military intelligence. A meeting point was designated. As he approached, a drone monitored the area to make sure there was no ambush. After that, our special operations forces took him into custody. It turned out that his tank crewmates had fled home, leaving him behind. He didn’t see any point in continuing to fight,” the adviser said.

Viktor Andrusiv, adviser to the head of Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, said Misha saw “no point in continuing to fight” and was afraid to return home. Andrusiv said: “A few days ago, Misha called us. “We passed the information to military intelligence. “They marked the place and it arrived.

The Russian soldier said that he could not return home because his commander threatened to shoot him and write him off as a combat loss.

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“‘Misha’ also told us that they were practically out of food reserves, while their unit management was chaotic and almost non-existent. The levels of demoralization are enormous. As for Misha, she has been given fairly comfortable terms. She will also receive $10,000 after the war is over, as well as the opportunity to apply for citizenship,” said the minister’s adviser.

Andrusiv pointed out that until the end of the war, this man will live in a comfortable place, provided with basic necessities, such as a television, a telephone, a kitchen and a shower. (Russian soldier surrenders)

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