How Russian sniper Irina Starikova was captured in Ukraine?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Irina Starikova sniper; New photos show an elite female sniper who killed more than 40 people but was dealt a major blow by Ukrainians to Vladimir Putin.

Irina Starikova, codenamed 41-year-old Irina Starikova, is codenamed Bagheera, after Rudyard Kipling’s Black Panther in The Jungle Book, but there are misleading accounts about her true identity.

She is shown in the new images resting between her ‘kills’.

The capture of the 41-year-old will be a major new blow for Vladimir Putin, as the sharpshooter is accused of more than 40 murders to her name.

She is codenamed Bagheera after Rudyard Kipling’s Black Panther in The Jungle Book, but there are misleading accounts of her true identity.

Local media claimed the sniper, who is said to be a mother-of-two and divorcee, is responsible for ‘killing 40 Ukrainians including civilians’
Irina Starikova sniper

The mother-in-law was found wounded on a battlefield in Ukraine, but she is not from Serbia as some accounts suggest, nor was she a non-sniper.

Her capture has also been confirmed by Georgy Ravishvili, a researcher at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London.

He tweeted, “Ukrainian forces capture infamous sniper fighting on behalf of ORDLO, call sign Bagira” – which refers to how Russian speaking areas are called.

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Born in Moscow, she had just finished high school when she volunteered to join the Red Army. Mironov fought in the sieges of Odessa and Sevastopol and suffered at least 34 casualties to Her name, although some sources claim that he had over 100.

Her companions were particularly impressed by her exploits during five days of fierce fighting at the Gorichi Klich in October 1942, when the teenager killed more than 20 Germans. But in the Battle of Novorossiysk she was seriously wounded and died only at the age of 19.

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