Will India be the most populous country before 2027?


Ground Report | New Delhi: Will India be the most populous country before 2027?; In population-related research, Chinese experts say that India will overtake China. As the world’s most populous country before 2027, according to the United Nations forecast. Population experts from China have claimed in their study that India will become the world’s most … Read more

Explained: How interfaith marriages affect Indian society?

Protest against raising age of marriage of girls; what's the whole story

Many studies had revealed that interfaith marriages have a limited impact on society at large SANJANA TIWARI Ground Report | New Delhi: Interfaith marriages Indian society The cases come in concern by an advertisement aired by TATA-owned company Tanishq and in this advertisement, they are promoting love jihad. But the Tanishq finally withdrew the advertisement … Read more

Covid-19 Facts: 10 Countries that handled pandemic intelligently

Covid cases may come in third wave

Ground Report | New Delhi: The novel Covid virus has crept its way across the globe for over a year now, resulting in more than 170 million cases and over 3.5 million deaths. Some countries have dealt with these chaotic months better than others. Lockdowns were imposed at different times, various strategies were considered, and … Read more

Occupational health hazards and challenges faced by waste pickers in India

waste pickers

The situation became worse when Covid-19 spread in the country. People were taking precautions and maintaining social distance the waste pickers visit the doors to collect garbage. Alok Pandey Ground Report | New Delhi: Waste pickers in India; Millions of people in India work as rag-pickers for their livelihood, they are part of the informal … Read more

Why Bollywood actress and filmmaker Aisha Sultana was tried for treason?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Bollywood actress and filmmaker Aisha Sultana, during a TV talk show, expressed concern over the Corona epidemic in Lakshadweep, saying that the Centre’s Modi government was “vicious” against the people of Lakshadweep. Following her statement, a leader of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party filed a case against her for “treason”. As … Read more

Why Nusrat Jahan Marriage to Nikhil Jain is controversial?

Nusrat Jahan Marriage to Nikhil Jain

“Our separation happened long back, but I did not speak about it as I intended to keep my private life to myself,” she stated.  Ground Report | New Delhi: Actress turned politician Nusrat Jahan has broken her silence over her marital relationship with businessman Nikhil Jain and called her marriage invalid in India. TMC Loksabha … Read more

SDG India Index: concept, significance, and 2020-21 report highlights

The SDG India Index is a “rare data-driven initiative Ground Report | New Delhi: The NITI Aayog, Thursday, released the 3rd edition of the SDG India Index and Dashboard 2020-21. The index, first launched in 2018, extensively documents and ranks progress made by Indian states and UTs towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Some … Read more

Explained: What is 5G, Is it harmful for living beings?

5G network

The organization’s anti-cancer agency said that after reviewing the evidence, it was found that cancer caused by mobile phones could not be ruled out Ground Report | New Delhi: Radiation from towers of mobile service provider companies have already been viewed with great suspicion, so these fears gained further emphasis during the Corona period. As far as … Read more

Explained: 3621 Children Orphaned, Since April 2020

Central Government on Monday asked the Supreme Court to frame a relief scheme for children orphaned due to covid-19 under PM Cares Fund. Ground Report | New Delhi: During the covid-19 epidemic, between April 1, 2020, and June 5, 2021, 3621 children have become orphans in the country, while 26,176 children have lost one of … Read more

Explained: DU Admissions 2021 Process

DU 2021 application form can be filled till June 2021. Ground Report | New Delhi: DU admissions 2021 Process; Amid the covid surge in India, and various meetings by education boards, the decision has finally rung in. A meeting headed by PM Narendra Modi has finally concluded that exam won’t happen this year for 12th … Read more