David Warburton Chats: Politician who Snorted coke and groped a woman

A Tory MP David Warburton was suspended for sexual claims that he climbed naked onto a woman’s bed and touched her breasts, after snorting cocaine. The Sunday Times reported that two women had made formal complaints to ICGS about his behaviour, and a third woman had also made complaints about his behaviour.

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He is said to have snorted “line upon line upon line” of the drug at the London home of a younger woman in the early hours of February 1. He had met her through politics and allegedly insisted on coming from her, despite evidence that she was drunk.

In the foreground sitting on top of an overturned baking sheet, four lines of cocaine.

Warburton, seen with Theresa May, allegedly snorted ‘line after line’ of class A before stripping down and touching a woman’s breasts.

The parliamentarian messaged the woman the next morning asking if she was proud that a parliamentarian had slept in her house.

The younger woman said that she had repeatedly warned Warburton before and during his visit that she did not want to have s@x with him.

And later that day, he allegedly sent a WhatsApp message asking if she was available, saying, “Promise me you won’t take all my clothes off again.”

The incident was said to have occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, February 1.

An audio recording allegedly captured him saying that the £160 paid for two grams of cocaine was not expensive, nor “spent”, and that it was “pretty good actually”.

In another alleged incident, he is said to have forced the two women to go to her apartment after pressuring them to drink more than they were comfortable with.

He later allegedly kissed a woman’s forehead, stroked her hair and rubbed her thigh.

woman 1

A former parliamentary aide accuses Warburton of forcing her back to her apartment, where, as she sat down, he brushed her forehead, stroked her hair and rubbed her thigh. She says that he touched her bottom and thigh on separate occasions from her. The woman has been on indefinite sick leave since the alleged incident.

woman 2

Another former parliamentary aide says Warburton manipulated her into moving back to the same flat in Westminster. It is said that he caressed her. She alleges that he physically prevented her from leaving her by taking her to her room.

woman 3

The woman who met Warburton through Politics says he insisted on visiting her at her home when she was drunk and asking him to order cocaine on her behalf. After inhaling it, she supposedly wouldn’t go away. It is said that she undressed her, climbed on her bed and touched her.

The Sunday Times reported that three women have complained about Mr Warburton’s behaviour. The newspaper also reported allegations that Warburton had used cocaine and that he had failed to declare a £100,000 loan, obtained in 2017 and later repaid, from a Russian businessman.

However, he told the Sunday Telegraph that he had not heard from ICGS and that he had “huge amounts of defence”.

When asked about the accusations, the government minister, Grant Shapps, said that he had no further knowledge than what the party had said and what he had read in the newspapers.

“Obviously any accusation like this needs to be taken very carefully, but all the facts will also need to be presented,” he told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

Warburton is chairman of the all-party parliamentary music group and was previously a member of the European scrutiny committee.

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