Who was Nadiya Antonova, Ukraine woman accused of working with Russia?

A video showed the dramatic moment in which the Ukrainian special forces detain a Ukrainian woman Nadiya Antonova accused of betraying the defenders of his country.

The British newspaper The Sun teamed up with a squad of elite Alpha Force troops and secret intelligence agents to catch the town’s leader accused of high treason.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, Nadiya Antonova would have provided information to the Russian forces that occupied the city of her, giving names and locations of soldiers, police and counterintelligence specialists in the area.

The charges for which she could face life in prison are those of “treason under martial law”, and she is also linked to the surrender of some local hunters and rangers, who, knowing the terrain, were ideal targets for Russia.

Antonova was found in the basement of the Kutuzivka government building, being surrounded by Ukrainian soldiers after liberating the city.

In the information of the English newspaper, replicated by the ‘Daily Mail’, the governor of Kharkiv, Oleg Syniegubov, “Nadiya sided with the invaders in the town of Kutuzivka. She established a cooperation with the head of the Russian army, with the gentleman call sign”.

After her arrest, the woman justified her actions by the way of life of the town during the invasion, also assuring that she never fled from the sector.

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Prosecutors said she turned on soldiers, police and counterterrorism specialists who were protecting her country, as well as passing on the identities of hunters and park rangers whose knowledge of the countryside would have made them effective fighters, The Sun reported.

I thank all of our fighters who stand their ground and show superhuman strength to drive off the invading army.

In addition to Antonova, another of the defendants is the president of the local council, Eduard Konovalov, who was arrested in eastern Ukraine for the same case as the woman in question, having housed Russian troops and incited neighbours not to resist the occupation.

Recently, Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, stated that there would be punishments for collaborators with Russia, with special emphasis on the strong cases of treason that have been discovered in the last weeks of war.

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