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Tribal woman burnt alive in Guna, police denied security

Tribal woman burnt alive in Guna Madhya Pradesh

Guna, Madhya Pradesh | A tribal woman was burnt alive in Dhanoria village of Bamori on Saturday afternoon, in which she suffered up to 80 percent burns. The woman’s name is Rampyari, she was in her farm. The accused allegedly put diesel and set her on fire. The woman kept screaming to save her life but no one came to save her. The accused also made a video of this heinous crime.

The matter was of a land dispute, there was a fear of threat to the life of the family members of the woman. Therefore, a request was also made to the police for protection. But the police, who did not care for Tribals, ignored them and left them to die.

The tribal woman was brought to the district hospital in critical condition from where she was referred to Bhopal. Rampyari’s family members have lodged a complaint with the police station. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has tweeted on the matter. For investigation, Collector and SP have reached the village of Rampyari.

Tribal Woman Burnt Alive: What’s the whole matter?

According to the police, Rampyari was found in a burnt state in the field. When her husband Arjun Sahariya was going to the field, he found his wife burnt, all her clothes were burnt, smoke was coming out of her. The accused were running away sitting in the tractor at that time. According to Arjun, this work was done by the accused Pratap, Hanumat, Shyam Kirar and their wives.

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The reason for the dispute is said to be 6 and a half bighas of land. The accused had occupied it for the last one year. Arjun Sahariya’s family got possession of this land in May. But on Saturday, the accused family started plowing the land. When Rampyari came to know about this, she reached the farm. Then the accused poured diesel on the woman and set her on fire.

According to Rampyari’s husband Arjun, he had applied to the SP on June 23, in which he had said that there was a threat to his life. Earlier, he had also approached the police at Bamori police station. In February, the accused had also assaulted Arjun. Despite this, the police did not provide security to Arjun’s family.

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Now that a tribal woman has got 80 per cent burns. Former Chief Minister has tweeted, then the administration has become active. All the top police officers have reached the spot. The investigation will continue till the matter cools down. And after a few days there will be another tribal family which will be getting ruined due to the callousness of the administration.

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