भोपाल की आदमपुर कचरा खंती वन्य प्राणियों को कर रही बीमार, प्रवासी पक्षियों ने बदला ठिकाना!

aadampur landfill site affecting wildlife

आदमपुर छावनी लैंडफिल साइट (कचरा खंती) में साल 2018 से भोपाल शहर का कचरा इकट्ठा किया जा रहा है। अप्रैल 2023 में नैशनल ग्रीन ट्राई्यूनल ने इस बात की पुष्टी की थी कि यह पर्यावरण विभाग की अनुमति के बिना अवैध और अनधिकृत तरीके से संचालित की जा रही है, साथ ही नगर निगम की … Read more

500 tons of urban waste falling everyday in Rapti river, as plant remains incomplete

500 tons of urban waste falling everyday in Rapti river, as plant remains incomplete

The Gorakhpur Municipal Corporation in Uttar Pradesh is dumping 500 tons of municipal waste daily into the Rapti River, without a proper waste processing plant for its disposal. According to a report submitted by the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) to the National Green Tribunal (NGT), the waste processing plant in Suthni village, designed … Read more

Explained: What is refuse-derived fuel RDF?

Explained: What is refuse-derived fuel RDF?

CSIR-National Institute of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology in Thiruvananthapuram conducted an on-site inspection and recommended that separated waste-derived fuel (WDR) from the fire-affected areas at the Brahmapuram landfill be immediately transferred off-site due to the risk of fire hazards. According to their report on the amount of burned and unburned waste at the site after … Read more

‘Bin free’ Panaji’s sustainable waste management revolution, Explained!

Bin free' Panaji's sustainable waste management revolution

Panaji, the capital city of Goa, has set an example in the field of solid waste management with its innovative model. The city has been able to achieve a remarkable feat by becoming the first city in India to be declared ‘bin-free.’ This implies that all forms of waste produced in the city are sorted … Read more

Delhi’s waste management industry: an opportunity for job creation

delhi waste management industry

Delhi’s waste management industry” Delhi has long struggled with the challenge of managing waste. With a population of over 20 million people; Delhi generates an estimated 11.3k tons of waste every day. This presents a massive challenge for the city’s infrastructure and municipal services. In a bid to tackle this issue, the government even launched … Read more

What is Zero Waste Day? meaning and significance of global event

What is Zero Waste Day? meaning and significance of global event

On the occasion of the first International Zero Waste Day, António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, called on the General Assembly of countries to launch a war against waste. According to figures from the World Bank, the world generates more than 2,000 million tons of solid municipal waste each year and at least … Read more

What is the new definition of ‘RRR’ given by the Indian Government?

RRR My gov waste management campaign swachch bharat

SS Rajamouli’s Oscar-winning movie ‘RRR’ has a tremendous fan following globally, and locally. And, relying on the popular fan-following, and prominent presence in popular culture, the government of India has re-defined the abbreviation. ‘RRR’: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. Yes, these are not new things. We all have studied this in our schools. And, yet we have … Read more

Korea’s Volume-based waste fee system, Explained!

volume based management korea

The Volume-Based Waste Fee (VBWF) system was introduced by the Korean government in 1995. This was done in an effort to minimize waste generation at the source and increase waste recycling. In Korea, the local municipal authorities are responsible for gathering, recycling, and treating municipal solid waste from households, small businesses, and commercial sectors.  Read … Read more

Increasing landfills pose risks in the Tinsukia district, of Assam

landfill site assam tinsukia

In the current system, waste is an unavoidable by-product of human activities. With rising population, income growth, rapid urbanization, and a poor throwaway culture, waste volumes are increasing daily. In developing nations, issues with the supply of solid waste management services are becoming more serious. The inefficiency of the system significantly impacts the local environment … Read more

Why are the countries not recycling glass?

glass recycling process

Despite being infinitely recyclable and environmentally beneficial, we can notice a declining trend in the case of recycling glass. More than half of the manufactured glass is ending up in landfills instead of being recycled. Apart from logistical hurdles like being heavy to transport and breaking under pressure, there is another important reason. That is, … Read more