You will no longer be able to share your Netflix password

You will no longer be able to share your Netflix password

US video streaming service Netflix is ​​taking a long-planned crackdown on account password sharing – and the service predicts people may stop watching Netflix. Netflix made the announcement amid its latest results, which show that the company has managed to get back on the path to growth after a difficult period. Efforts such as the more … Read more

30 Sexiest TV series on Netflix, Released in 2022

sexiest tv series on netflix in 2022

Hottest TV Series on Netflix, this is the most updated List on the internet right now: Netflix has endless streaming options to offer if you are looking for a steamy, sexiest TV series. Yes, thanks to Netflix brings you shows filled with heat, drama, love, and much-needed romance. We have sorted a list of steamy … Read more

Sexiest movies on Netflix released in 2022

hottest movies on netflix released in 2022

There are many such movies on Netflix, by watching which you can fill the color of romance in your life. These movies full of love can be seen on Netflix in 2022. We have compiled a list of the hottest movies released in 2022 and available on Netflix for you. This is the most updated … Read more

Ricky Gervais Anti Trans jokes in Netflix Special, faces backlash

Ricky Gervais Anti Trans jokes in Netflix Special, faces backlash

Ricky Gervais’ New Netflix Comedy Special SUPERNatural Faces Backlash For Harmful Comments About Transgender Community. Gervais premiered Ricky Gervais: SuperNature for Netflix on Tuesday and from the first minutes the comedian referred to trans people as “new women” and then pretended to have a fictional conversation where the comedian also made fun of the use … Read more

Ricky Gervais’s SuperNature: Repetitive, Mildly Funny if not Offensive

Ricky Gervais’s SuperNature review

Ricky Gervais, known to be the creator of The Office (UK), Extras & more and hosting Golden Globes, is back on Netflix with his new stand-up special: SuperNature. An hour-long stand special explores the obvious themes which you would associate with the artist without a doubt i.e. atheism, freedom of speech, animal rights, and the … Read more

Why Netflix cancels TV series and movies? What is Happening?

Why Netflix cancels TV series and movies? What is Happening?

Netflix is already cancelling several TV series and movies following its recent financial and subscriber woes. The streaming giant has cancelled numerous series in development. The company’s animation department has borne the brunt of the problems plaguing the company, which has seen drops in price and subscriber base since the beginning of the year. What … Read more

Bridgerton is one of the hottest Netflix Series

Bridgerton season 2 Streaming on netflix

Bridgerton season 2 is now streaming on Netflix, It is one of the hottest period dramas on Netflix. In India, it will start streaming post 13:15 PM on 25th March, Friday. Let’s see what you can expect from this new season of royal drama. Time Zone Time available to stream Pacific Standard Time 12:00 AM … Read more

Crackdown on Netflix password sharers

Crackdown on Netflix password sharers

Ground Report | New Delhi: Netflix password; US video streaming company Netflix has decided to crack down on password sharing, after which if some users’ accounts are used by someone else, they (owners) will be charged extra for streaming. The company says the new fee option will come in the next few weeks and will … Read more

‘All of us are dead’ Ruling Netflix after Squid Game

all of us are dead review

After Squid Game, another Korean series making a splash on Netflix is ​​All of Us Are Dead. Yes, this series has achieved the number-one spot on Netflix. After this is trending of Netflix, Korea has become a country giving great content. Korean dramas are breaking records on Netflix. What is it in All Of Us … Read more

All of Us Are Dead Korean zombie series, Watch

Ground Report | New Delhi: All of Us Are Dead Korean zombie series; All of Us Are Dead is the latest South Korean series on the Netflix streaming service. With the main theme of zombies, there are many netizens who wonder what is the difference of this series with respect to the previous zombie movie or … Read more