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Money Heist Season 5: Why this Netflix series is so popular?

money heist popularity

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platform in the world. Netflix will surpass 200 million subscribers at the end of 2021. But what makes Netflix so popular? The answer is Netflix’s original series that stream exclusively on its platform. Money Heist is one such series.

Money Heist Popularity

Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama streaming on Netflix. Season 5 of money heist is released on Netflix. This is the last and final season of the series. People were eagerly waiting for this because the plot of this series is very intriguing and interesting. It is fully packed with suspense, thrill, romance love and sex. After stranger things Money heist became one of the most-watched on Netflix.

Interesting Facts about Money Heist

  • The show, before it was streamed on Netflix, was released in Spain on Antena 3 in May 2017. Gradually, the viewership dropped. So much so, that it had to be canceled. The cast and crew accepted that it was a flop until Netflix acquired its rights.
  • Created by Alex Pina and produced by Vancouver Media, the show, titled “La Casa De Papel” in Spanish, wrapped production on its last chapter on May 14.
  • The fifth and final season of Money Heist premieres Friday, September 3 worldwide.
  • The gold vault shown in the series is actually real. It floods with water in case there’s a breach. It’s actually a part of the real-life security system in the Bank of Spain.
  • Rotten Tomatoes’ critics’ consensus states about Spanish heist crime drama: “An audacious plan told in a non-linear fashion keeps the third installment moving as Money Heist refocuses on the relations between its beloved characters.” 65 Million people watched season 5 worldwide.
  • Football sensation Neymar made a cameo as a monk in Season 3. He is such a huge fan of the show that he reportedly contacted the production and told them that he wanted to be a part of the show.
  • The show was originally called Desachuciados, which translates to hopeless. For the unversed, La Casa de Papel means ‘house of money.
  • In several protests in Lebanon, Iraq, France as well as Chile, people took to the streets wearing the Money Heist costumes on several occasions.  
  • Bella ciao song used in the series is the 75-year-old historical song that is a symbol of freedom for many.
  • Jaipur-based firm Verve Logic is giving an off to its employees to watch the release of the final season.
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