Shab-e-Barat: The night of fortune and forgiveness

Shab-e-Barat: The night of fortune and forgiveness

Ground Report | New Delhi: Shab-e-Barat; Shaban is the eighth month of the Islamic calendar. It is a month of blessings and asking Allah for forgiveness. Shab e Barat is an important night in the Islamic calendar and is celebrated in the middle of Shaban. This blessed night begins at sunset on the 14th of … Read more

Muslims have highest birth rate in India: Pew study

Discrimination against Muslims increased by 56%

Ground Report | New Delhi: Muslims have highest birth rate; A recent study by the Pew Research Center has found that the birth rate in all the religions of India has decreased continuously, due to which there have been minor changes in the basic religious structure of the country. In a country with a population of … Read more

How many Top court judges are Muslim in India?

Pegasus case: Central govt refuses to file affidavit in Supreme Court

Ground Report | New Delhi: How many Top court judges are Muslim in India; In the 1950s Jawaharlal Nehru tried to appoint Justice Mohammad Karim Chagla (Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court 1947–58) as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, as he wanted a Muslim Chief Justice of India. However, it took until … Read more

Provocative slogans raised against Muslims at event in Jantar Mantar

Provocative slogans raised

Ground Report | New Delhi: Provocative slogans raised; Anti-Muslim slogans were allegedly raised during a march in the country “against colonial-era laws” at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, just a few meters from the Indian Parliament, on Sunday. Delhi Police has told that the organizers were not given permission to organize the event. According to the report … Read more

India should be a ‘country of particular concern’ for religious freedom: USCIRF


US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), an American panel assessing religious freedom, has suggested that for the second year in violation of religious freedom in 2020. The reason India should be put in the list of ‘Countries of Percutaneous Concerns’ or CPC. The second suggestion has been that the administration should promote equal rights … Read more

These countries have highest Muslim population

65 percent of the world’s Muslims live in ten countries with the highest Muslim population. The continent has the highest number of Muslims and the lowest in the American continents. These are the top 10 Muslim populated countries. Indonesia The Asian country Indonesia is the largest Muslim country. There are 21,99,60,000 Muslims living in this country. Muslim … Read more

Supreme court challenges more than one marriage in Muslim community

A group of women has challenged the Supreme Court over the practice of allowing more than one marriage practice in the Muslim community under Sharia law and the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The petition has been filed through advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain. They say that the United Nations Convention is also against more than one marriage. … Read more

What did Hamid Ansari say that created a ruckus

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari, in a virtual program on Friday, said that “Indian society had fallen prey to two other epidemics ‘religious fanaticism’ and ‘aggressive nationalism’ – even before the Corona epidemic crisis.” Adding to this, Ansari also said that “Desh Prem” is a more positive concept than the two as it is militarily … Read more

Yogi Aditya Nath a known enemy of Muslims, says Umar Khalid’s father

Dr. Qasim Rasool Ilyas, a Muslim political activist, and the father of Umar Khalid, during panel discussion on “Ten Stages of Genocide and India’s Muslims” said that the chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath is a known enemy of Muslims, is the main architect of systematic targeting of the Muslim community through encounter killing to illegal … Read more

France says thanks to India for support

Ground Report| News Desk| France has thanked India for its support. France’s Ambassador to India Emmanuel Leinen said that the two countries have stood together against terrorism. Protests are taking place in several Islamic countries against French President Emmanuel Macron. The governments here are also attacking President Macron. In such a situation, India has supported France and said … Read more