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These countries have highest Muslim population

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65 percent of the world’s Muslims live in ten countries with the highest Muslim population. The continent has the highest number of Muslims and the lowest in the American continents. These are the top 10 Muslim populated countries.


The Asian country Indonesia is the largest Muslim country. There are 21,99,60,000 Muslims living in this country. Muslim population is 87.1 percent of the total population of the country.

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India is the second most Muslim country in the world. There are 19,48,10,000 Muslims living in India. Muslims constitute 14.9 percent of the total population of India.


India’s neighboring country Pakistan is the third largest Muslim population country. There are 18,40,000 Muslims living in Pakistan. Muslims constitute 96.4 percent of the total population of Pakistan.


India’s neighboring country Bangladesh is the world’s fourth largest Muslim population. There are 14,40,20,000 Muslims living in Bangladesh. Muslims constitute 90.6 percent of the population of Bangladesh.

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The African country Nigeria is at the fifth position in this list. There are 9,02,00,000 Muslims living in Nigeria. Muslims constitute 50 percent of the population of Nigeria.


The North African country, Egypt, which also has some share in Asia, is the sixth most Muslim country. There are 8,38,70,000 Muslims living in Egypt. It is 95.1 percent of the total population of Egypt.

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Iran, the world’s largest Shia Muslim country located in the Middle East, ranks seventh in the world in terms of Muslim population. There are 7,76,50,000 Muslims living in Iran. Muslims constitute 99.5 percent of Iran’s total population.


The country in both Asia and Europe continents Turkey ranks eighth in the world in terms of Muslim population. There are 7,54,60,000 Muslims in Turkey, which is 98 percent of the total population there.

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There are 3,72,10,000 Muslims living in the African country of Algeria. Muslims constitute 97.9 percent of Algeria’s population.

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Iraq’s neighboring country Iraq is the 10th largest Muslim country. There are 3,62,00,000 Muslims living in Iraq. 99 percent of its population is Muslim. The number of Shia Muslims in Iraq is more than the Sunnis.

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