What is Google’s Chatbot LaMDA that got feelings?

What is Google’s Chatbot LaMDA that got feelings?

A curious situation is what the technology company Google is experiencing after one of its Artificial Intelligence engineers Blake Lemoine called that one of the chatbots LaMDA he created was becoming sensitive and that he was reasoning and making decisions as a human being. Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer working in its Responsible AI division, … Read more

Government’s heated meet with Google, Twitter on fake news: Report

Government's heated meet with Google, Twitter on fake news: Report

Ground Report | New Delhi: Twitter on fake news; Despite getting information about fake news, there was a heated exchange between the Indian officials and the officials of Google, Twitter, Facebook on Wednesday for not removing them from the social media platform. According to the news agency Reuters, the officials of the Ministry of Information … Read more

Digital covid vaccine cards, How to download one?

Digital covid vaccine cards

Ground Report | New Delhi: Digital covid vaccine cards, How to download one?; Now google is helping people to store their vaccine records in their android devices. Google has updated its Pay app’s “Passes API” to enable a simple way to store and display a digital card on Android showing users’ COVID-19 test and vaccination details. Digital covid vaccine … Read more

Google showed Kannada as ‘ugliest language of India’; Why?

According to the 2011 census, the number of Kannada speakers in India is 43.7 million Ground Report | New Delhi: Kannada, the language of the majority population in the southern state of Karnataka, was on Thursday described by search engine Google as ‘India’s ugliest language’. The Kannada speakers were so outraged that the state government even … Read more

What is Peeinghuman, Why their videos are trouble for some?

Famous for popularizing phrases like “Hum kare toh kare kya, bole to bole koi” and “Wah modiji wah” in his videos Ground Report | New Delhi: Over the years, the PeeingHuman Youtube channel analyzes the Indian news media through video content posted on the Internet under the name Official PeeingHuman. PeeingHuman studies the airtime that … Read more

China’s Facebook, YouTube is different from the world; check list

The world’s major social media platforms do not work in China. So don’t people here use social media. Do and do absolutely everything. Here are 10 big social media platforms running in China Wechat It is a complete social media platform, almost like Facebook. WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment … Read more

Google, Facebook’s monopoly on online advertising is coming to an end?

Most people are complaining about the same things that we see on Google or Instagram. Similarly, when you visit another website, you are shown ads based on your search history and the question that comes to mind is why? To answer the same question, 10 US states, led by the state of Texas, have filed … Read more

Lost Places on Earth that Google Maps doesn’t even show

Lost Places: Google Maps is an interesting tool that allows you to see places where you are less likely to go. It’s also great for finding potential government conspiracies or hiding places. Surprisingly, you can watch it online. Is it like the picture below or maybe it’s just what they want you to think? Given that … Read more

How to delete personal information held by Google?

search engine google

Google knows what you’re looking for, what you’re interested in, what websites you use. The first line of Google’s Code of Conduct lists what users of the world’s most popular search engine can expect. But many users are unaware that they can remove any of their personal information from Google using a function called ‘My … Read more