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Google, YouTube G mail down: How long will Google be down for?

The services of Gmail, YouTube and Google are down. Users, including India, are facing problems. According to DownDetector, Google users around the world have been affected. There is no response from Google yet about the services being down. About 54 per cent of users reporting this problem to YouTube say that they are not able to access websites. 

At the same time, 42 percent of users say that they are unable to watch videos on YouTube. While 3 percent users say that they are having trouble logging in.  On YouTube and Google Drive, an error with the message: “Something went wrong…” was being displayed to users.  At the same time, many users have complained that Google Drive has also stopped. After the Gmail stop, users have received an error message of 500.

YouTube confirmed the outage of its service and informed the users that they are looking into the issue. “We are aware that many of you are having issues accessing YouTube right now – our team is aware and looking into it. We’ll update you here as soon as we have more news,” it said in a statement. 

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68% of the people have complained about login after Google’s services had difficulty with the downdictor, while 8% had complained about not receiving e-mail. Many users have complained about account log-out, although YouTube’s service has now started. 

In August, Gmail was down for seven hours.
Before that, on August 20 this year, Gmail was stagnating for about seven hours, after which users of many countries including India were not able to send emails. Many users had also complained of attachment failure. Apart from Gmail, people had to face difficulties in Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Chat and Google Meet.

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