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What is Peeinghuman, Why their videos are trouble for some?

Famous for popularizing phrases like “Hum kare toh kare kya, bole to bole koi” and “Wah modiji wah” in his videos

Ground Report | New Delhi: Over the years, the PeeingHuman Youtube channel analyzes the Indian news media through video content posted on the Internet under the name Official PeeingHuman. PeeingHuman studies the airtime that mainstream news channels allocate to major issues to understand their editorial bent.

What is Peeinghuman?

Official Peeinghuman founder Ramit Verma (27) first quit Google’s job to produce Hollywood and Bollywood memes, but soon shifted his focus to viral political content. “I enjoy mocking those in power, because it feels satisfying. It feels liberating to humanize them from their positions of power, ”says Verma.

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Through mimes, mashups, comedy and informative videos that take potshots at the powers that be, he has built a huge fan following in his short life. For example, launched in 2015, the official PeeingHuman now has over 1.09M subscribers on YouTube and over 54,000 followers on Instagram. Famous for popularizing phrases like “Hum kare toh kare kya, bole to bole koi [what can I do, what can I say]” and “Wah modiji wah” in his videos, page t-shirts, freelancing and stand up The comedian earns money by working on Kunal Kamra Shut Up or Kunal.

Why their videos are trouble for some?

PeeingHuman analysis of some popular news debate shows: Pouchta hai Bharat (Repubic Bharat), Dangal (Aaj Tak), R Paar (News 18), Taal Thok Ke (Zee News), and Kurukshetra (India TV). Surprisingly, none of this is the title of a 1990s action film starring Sunny Deol or Ajay Devgn. These shows behave less like objective news programs and more like mouthpieces of the current BJP / RSS establishment and their ultra-nationalist agenda.

Ramit Verma uttered harsh words for the impact of Modi and Goswami on the Indian media and the media itself. “I think he has done more damage to the Indian media than anyone could ever do,” he said. “And Modi Toh has also done other damage separately.” According to him, both have “taken Indian media to a place where there is no return. Now it only has to replace the Internet. Internet media is the only hope for any democracy that upholds democracy in the media and media.”

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In 2019 he dismissed allegations that he was soft on parties other than the BJP. “If someone wants to check whether I am neutral or not, or I belong to an IT cell, they will already get many videos mocking Rahul Gandhi or Kejriwal.”

Sometimes, Varma listens to people in arguments or using his work to represent his point. “People tell me that he featured a person with a contrary opinion in some of my videos to change his mind, mostly to elders in his family,” he said. “These are some of the recent messages that I got, and I was like, crap this is great. Like it can’t get any better than this.”

Here’s a tasting menu of PeeingHuman’s work:

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