How do drugs impact the environment?

How do drugs impact the environment?

Places that have legalized cannabis appear to have increased its regular use, while COVID lockdowns had a similar effect, increasing the risk of depression and suicide, a UN report said on Monday. Drug use has an obvious impact on health, but according to a new report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime … Read more

Why is India at the bottom of environmental performance index?

Why is India at the bottom of environmental performance index?

India has ranked at the bottom of a list of 180 countries that were assessed for their environmental performance in the 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI). Despite implementing various initiatives like Sashakt Bharat, Swachh Bharat – Swasth Bharat, Satat Bharat – Sanatan Bharat and many more, India ranked last in the 2022 Environmental Performance Index … Read more

Trout Fishing Festival in Kashmir

Trout Fishing Festival in Kashmir

Ground Report | New Delhi: Trout Fishing Festival in Kashmir; All the children and men of a village take a day off to go fishing together once a year, it may sound like a tale of bygone days, but this village in Kashmir has been witnessing it for centuries. Kashmir is home to many freshwater … Read more

Extreme heat wave in India and Pakistan affects water

How climate change influences extreme weather events?

The extreme heat wave has hit much of India and Pakistan, affecting hundreds of millions of people in one of the most densely populated parts of the world. In some regions of the country, electricity has had major cuts and the water supply has also been affected. After an extremely hot month of March, this … Read more

Worried about environment, 22-year-old starts ‘online thrift store’

Worried about environment, 22-year-old starts ‘online thrift store’

Ground Report | New Delhi: Syeda Sakeena, 22, hailing from Srinagar’s Lal Bazar area has started her one of its kind online thrift store. Filled with enthusiasm about saving nature from further degradation, her underlying motivation behind starting the thrift is to promote the reuse of items that are normally discarded by people after use. … Read more

Leopard population in India increased by 63% in just 4 years

Leopard population in India

Ground Report | New Delhi: Leopard population in India; A new report released by the Government of India on July 29, 2021 – World Tiger Day, India’s official leopard population has increased by 63 percent since 2014-2018. The Status of Leopards, Co-predators, and Megaherbivores-2018 released by Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Bhupendra … Read more

Loss of environment cannot be calculated with compensation amount

Loss of environment

Ground Report | New Delhi: Loss of environment; Now a day there are a lot of cases related to environmental degradation. A Huge Violation of the environment in Rajasthan came to the headlines now. RTI activist D.N. Tiwari raised his voice against this violation in Rajasthan and filed a case in the Hon’ble court of … Read more

Production of industrial chemicals reached 230 million tonnes every year

Health, food production and environment at risk due to soil pollution: report Ground Report | New Delhi: The soil, which produces about 95 percent of the food for us, is becoming a victim of the increasing craving of human beings. Due to which the threat not only to food production but also to health and the … Read more

Is 5G harmful to humans and our environment?

5G network

Ground Report | New Delhi: Ever since companies began deploying 5G, public acceptance of it has been weak. There have been several allegations of 5G regarding its security, including a report that 5G network testing caused the deaths of hundreds of birds in the Netherlands, later this news turned out to be fake. WHO, report … Read more

DO you know world’s largest plastic waste generating companies?

A pile of plastic collected along a small stretch of beach on Long Island, NY. This beach didn't have garbage receptacles, so visitors frequently dump their trash behind with no regards for the local wildlife. If you visit a beach like this, make sure you pack out what you brought in! And use less plastic in the first place. Follow on Instagram @wildlife_by_yuri, and find more free plastic pollution photos at:

Ground Report | New Delhi: The increasing use of plastic bags, bottles and face masks is causing great harm to the environment. According to the Plastic Waste Makers Index, a large proportion of single-use plastic waste comes from only a handful of large companies. Exxon Mobil Exxon Mobil is an American multinational oil and gas company. 5.9 … Read more