These 9 countries allow foreigners to join their army

These 9 countries allow

Ground Report | New Delhi: These 9 countries allow; Can a country enlist citizens of another country in its army? many countries including America and Russia recruit foreigners in the army. These 9 countries allow foreigners America Only permanent residents and green card holders can join the US military. However, he does not get a commission … Read more

How many Mass shootings have there been in the US?

1 out of every 179 Americans will be killed if crime rate continues

There have been at least 275 school shootings in the United States this year so far, according to the Gun Violence File (GVA). On Sunday 13 November, two separate mass murders at US universities left seven students dead. Since 1970, when current records began, there have been 2155 school shootings in the United States that … Read more

What is a quantum computer? Why India wants to make such computers

What is a quantum computer

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is a quantum computer; In the times to come, quantum computing can effectively change the world and our lives. Realizing the importance of this new technology, the Government of India made a provision of 8 la crore rupees in the budget for the development of this technology last year. … Read more

America made a mistake leaving Afghanistan: British Defence Secretary

For speaking on Taliban

Ground Report | New Delhi: America made a mistake; Criticizing the US over the current crisis in Afghanistan, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said that President Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan was a “mistake”. he said that this step of America has given ‘strength’ to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Speaking to Sky News, Ben Wallace … Read more

Why do people die due to lightning?

Unexpected Domino effect of Covid-19, Lightning reduced by 8%

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why do people die due to lightning; Many districts of the state including Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur received heavy rains on Sunday. At least twenty people have died in the state due to lightning. In the north of Jaipur, 11 people died when they were taking selfies. At the time when this accident … Read more

“It’s time to end America’s longest war”: Joe Biden details timeline to pull troops from Afghanistan

US in no hurry to recognize Taliban: White House

The President of the United States confirmed, Wednesday, April 14, his intention to withdraw without conditions the American troops deployed in Afghanistan by September 11.  Joe Biden started from an observation to justify his decision.“We went to Afghanistan because of a terrible attack which took place twenty years ago” , the attacks of September 11 perpetrated … Read more

Russia did India out but America brought to the table

India has finally joined the list of six countries to decide on the roadmap being prepared for peace in Afghanistan. For the past six months, India has been trying continuously for this. According to a report published in the Indian Express this new mechanism has been suggested by the US, whereas India was not included in … Read more

America praised India’s efforts in Jammu and Kashmir

America has welcomed the steps taken by the Government of India to normalize the situation economically and politically in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. According to the report of the news agency PTI, Neid Price, a spokesman for the US State Department said that “America has been closely following the developments in Jammu … Read more

India object to Kashmir American Day proposal

The New York State Assembly passed a resolution requesting Governor Andrew Cuomo to declare February 5 as Kashmir American Day. India reacted sharply to this and said that it is a worrying attempt by the selfish classes to misinterpret the rich cultural and social fabric of Jammu and Kashmir to divide the people. ALSO READ: … Read more