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America on alert ahead of Inauguration week

In the United States, all 50 states, including the federal capital, Washington, D.C., have been alerted to possible armed protests during the weekend ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

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More National Guard troops have been immediately dispatched to Washington, D.C., and instructed to remain vigilant to prevent dangerous riots such as the one on January 6. The FBI has warned that there could be armed protests by President Trump supporters in all states.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s team has drawn up a plan to reverse Trump’s key policies.

Within hours of taking office, Biden will issue presidential decrees reversing measures taken by the previous administration. This is seen in a message circulating in the American media.

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These may include the following decisions:

  • They will make the United States part of the Paris Agreement again. It plans to tackle global carbon emissions and climate change.
  • He will lift controversial travel bans on several Muslim-majority countries.
  • They will make it mandatory to wear face masks in federal buildings and when traveling from one state to another.

Like President Trump, Biden will use presidential decrees to bypass Congress. But the 1.9 trillion aid plan he announced last week will require legislative approval. Legislators can also debate a bill to reform the process of immigration.

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Most of Washington, D.C., will be in lockdown before Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, and thousands of young men will be deployed in the form of National Guard troops.

Roads have also been closed several miles from Capitol Hill and concrete and metal barriers have been erected. Capitol Hill is the site of the January 6 riots.

The National Mall, which is usually crowded during the swearing-in ceremony, has also been closed at the request of the Secret Service. The Secret Service is the body that protects and provides security to US presidents, even if they have since resigned.

Biden’s team has already asked Americans not to travel to Washington DC because of the Corona epidemic. Local officials say people should watch the event from afar.

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