Sharda University Controversy: soup over ‘anti-Hindu’ question

The controversy erupted after the University of Sharda asked students to write a similarity between fascism/Nazism and Hinduism in Friday’s political science exam.

The debate began after a letter of questions was circulated on social media. People accused the university of asking students an “anti-Hindu” question. Sharda University immediately formed a three-member commission of inquiry and suspended the faculty, which drafted a questionnaire.

Inter-departmental examinations are going on at Sharda University located in Knowledge Park, Greater Noida. These are called midterm examinations. The Department of Political Science has asked this question to the students of BA. This question was asked in the question paper on the subject ‘Political Ideology’.

There is an objection to question number 6 in the question paper. The question is something like, “Do you find similarities between the Hindu Right Wing (Hinduism), Fascism and Nazism? Explain with reasoning.” Now this matter has become public. Hinduist organizations and supporters are opposing the university on social media. People on social media say that Sharda University is spreading the anti-Hindi mindset. Students are being given the wrong education by describing Hindutva as Nazism and Fascism.

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The university has also issued a statement saying it regrets that such an incident occurred, which could provoke social strife. “University against any ideology that spoils our national identity and culture …”, – said in a statement.

Bharatiya Janata (BJP) leader Vikas Pritam Sinha expressed dissatisfaction with the incident. “The university is called Sharda, but it asks students to prove that Hinduism is essentially the equivalent of fascism and Nazism,” he wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a statement from Sharda University said: “The University Fraternity is absolutely against any line of thought that distorts the great national identity and inclusive culture inherent in our national ethos.”

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