Municipal elections in Madhya Pradesh, 10 Big points

Ground Report | New Delhi: Municipal elections in Madhya Pradesh are set to be held in June 2022. All the parties are excited and are looking forward to both the  Municipal elections and the Panchayat elections. Municipal elections take place at the local level of government in India. These include Nagar Palika, Nagar nigam, Mahanagar Palika and city corporation etc. Municipal corporations are dependent on revenue generated from property tax, water tax, drainage tax, professional tax, and some help in the name of fixed aid from the state government. 

The municipal area is divided into wards and for each ward, a representative is chosen by the people who are representative of a certain ward for the period of five years and is known as corporators. For a party to win the municipal elections it requires to win more than half of the seats in municipal elections. The one who wins gets to elect the municipal corporation mayor. A mayor is a head while the administrative head is the commissioner. The municipal commissioner is appointed by the state government who is an IAS while its job is to implement policies and the mayor plays the political role.

Municipal Elections in Madhya Pradesh

  • Know your candidates before casting the vote. Minor research on the background and previous work can help one choose a better representative and make the further process easier. 
  • The elections are set to start in the month of June 2022.
  • In Indore 1,835,316 voters elect 85 corporations, mayor.
  • Supreme Court said to Madhya Pradesh elections Panel to “No OBC quotas for panchayat or local bodies polls”.
  • Before this BJP and Congress decided to give 27% tickets to OBC for MP local Polls.
  • Supreme Court has asked the MP poll panel to notify elections for local bodies in two weeks.
  • More than 23,263 local bodies are in working without the elected representatives for more than the last two years in Madhya Pradesh
  • The Supreme court has asked the government to show data as proof show that OBC reservation at such high numbers was required.
  • Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission states that there are 321 urban local bodies.
  • Financial Express reported The bench expressed concern at local elections not being on time while pointing out that the number of places where the poll program was to be announced was “quite staggering”.

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