Who were GirlsDo victims, How they were cheated?

GirlsDo : Hundreds of GirlsDo Po*n and GirlsDoToys victims got justice. They won all rights to their videos and got $18 million damages in US.

U.S. District Judge Janis L. Sammartino has ruled that all rights to videos and images produced in the GirlsDo Po*n and GirlsDoToys sex trafficking case be awarded to the hundreds of victims who are featured in the footage posted to the adult websites.

Judge Sammartino issued the ruling in the prosecution of Ruben Andre Garcia, an adult film performer and producer who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiring with the owners of the GirlsDo Po*n (GDP) and GirlsDo Toys (GDT) adult websites to recruit young women to appear in the sex videos using force, fraud, and coercion.

What was the Case?

In Year 2013 till 2019, Michael James Pratt, Matthew Isaac Wolfe, Ruben Andre Garcia, Theodore Wilfred Gyi, Valerie Moser, and others, allegedly participated in a scheme to recruit victims to engage in commercial sex acts using force, fraud, and coercion.

To recruit victims to appear in videos for the websites, the defendants lied to the victims and told them that the videos would never be posted on-line, that the videos would never be released in the United States, and that no one who knew the women would ever find out about the videos.

Hundreds of women from cities throughout the United States and Canada were recruited to appear in videos based upon these material misrepresentations. The defendants illegally obtained the images and videos of the victims using force, fraud, and coercion.

But content was posted on GDP and GDT websites. The GDP and GDT websites generated at least $17 million in revenue for its owners.

What are the charges on conspirators?

  • Conspiracy to Commit Sex Trafficking by Force.
  • Child Pgraphy.
  • Conspiracy to Commit Sex Trafficking by Force.

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