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Home » Farmers agitation raised BJP’s concern, as protest spotlight shifts to UP

Farmers agitation raised BJP’s concern, as protest spotlight shifts to UP

Prime Minister Modi’s statement on Saturday indicates that the government’s worries have increased as the questions on the credibility of farmers are being weakened by the violence on Republic Day and the peasant movement Looks to be strong again.

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It has been said in the news that despite the death of more than 150 farmers during the dharna, Prime Minister Modi did not raise his hand towards the protesting farmers, but now his attitude seems to have changed The Telegraph reported.

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Sometime back, the Modi government felt that the peasant movement is centered on Punjab, which is getting some support from Haryana as well. But now the ears of the government are standing because elections are to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year.

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Many within the BJP feel that western Uttar Pradesh can now become a major center of the peasant movement, which will not be good news for Yogi Adityanath’s government.

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The BJP had in 2014 managed to sway the Jats, the dominant land community in Uttar Pradesh, by using the 2013 Muzaffarnagar communal riots to infuse Hindutva feelings. In the 2019 polls, too, the party had raised the Pakistan bogey in the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack to influence large sections of Jats despite anger in the community over agricultural issues. 

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