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Female physicist invented fusion rocket that can transport humans to Mars

Says This idea came to me in 2017, when I was sitting on the deck

Muslim female Dr Fatima Ebrahimi invented a new concept of a fusion rocket thruster that could propel humans to Mars and beyond.

According to , physicist Fatima Brahimi, who works at the US Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) , has designed the missile that will use magnetic fields to launch plasma particles – electrically charged gas – into the void of space.

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According to Newton’s second and third laws of motion, maintaining momentum means pushing the missile forward – and at speeds ten times faster than similar devices.

Whereas current space- proven plasma propulsion motors use electric fields to propel particles, the new missile design will accelerate them using magnetic reconnection .

The invention could enable humans to travel to Mars

This process exists in all parts of the universe, but it is most noticeable to humanity on the surface of the sun . When magnetic field lines converge there, before they separate and then reconnect again with each other, they produce a huge amount of energy.

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Similar energy is produced inside toroidal-shaped machines known as tokamaks, which are magnetic confinement devices that are also a prime candidate for a practical nuclear fusion reactor.

“I have been preparing this concept for long periods of time,” said Dr. Fatima Ibrahimi, lead research physicist at PPPL, who has published her paper detailing the invention in the journal Plasma Physics .

She said, “The idea came to me in 2017, when I was sitting on the deck, thinking about the similarities between a car exhaust and the high-speed exhaust particles resulting from the Ball-Ring Experiment (NSTX). During its operation, this tokamak produces magnetic bubbles called plasmids, which move rapidly. About 20 kilometers per second, which seemed to me a lot like thrust.”

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” Nuclear fusion is the force that moves the sun and stars. It combines light elements in the form of plasma – the hot, charged state of matter made up of free electrons and an atomic nucleus representing 99% of the visible universe – to generate enormous amounts of energy, and if it can be recreated,” she said.

She said “A reactor operating on the same principles on the ground would provide an almost inexhaustible supply of energy for electricity generation.” 

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