Doorstep delivery through drones in Delhi, what are the challenges?

Online food ordering and Indian delivery platform- Swiggy will be going to start the use of drones for its instant grocery service, Instamart, from starting of May. It is expected to first start in Delhi NCR and Bengaluru. This drone system will work as a mediocre- from the seller’s location to the nearest customer delivery address. These drones will use to refill stocks between dark stores.

The company has selected Garuda Aerospace and Skyeair Mobility, the partnership between ANRA Technologies and TechEagle, including Marut Dronetech for this pilot project. Skyeair Mobility in Delhi and NCR and Garuda Aerospace in Bengaluru will start their services instantly.

After assembling the learnings from the first chain, the second phase will be started with ANRA and TechEagle consortia and Marut Dronetech.

How will “delivery with drones” work?

Swiggy explained in the blogpost that ” drones will help to refill stock between seller owned ‘dark stores’ and from a store to a general customer point where the delivery man will take up the packet and deliver it to the final consumer.”

Swiggy clarified, that the company’s delivery person does not need to panic as the final delivery will only be done by them.

The work of the pilot is to evaluate the probability of drones for the middle mile use case, especially for Swiggy’s grocery delivery service Instamart. They received registration from 345 players for its request for proposal (RFP) for the drone delivery service out of which the company finalized four vendors in two phases, Swiggy revealed.

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What are the challenges?

Before anything good starts, some challenges have to be faced.

  • Saurabh Jolly, Chief Operating Officer, Aerodyne India Ventures Pvt Ltd said that a better and supporting ecosystem and infrastructure is very necessary for the smooth functioning of drone services.
  • The narrow streets of Delhi, lack of uniformity of buildings and wires hanging all around will create a big challenge in it.
  • Cost of money is also the main factor as many components are imported and involved high technology costs so offering the services at reasonable prices is challenging.
  • Privacy and security issues are another challenge because drones flying over houses may take photographs which may question someone’s privacy.
  • Swiggy also has to face the DGCA several regulations and BIS standards for drones.

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