All About World Red Cross Day 2022

The theme of the Red Cross Day this year is climate change and humanitarian conflict. Red Cross is a humanitarian movement that has vowed to protect and care for humankind and help humans to sustain their lives in humanitarian crisis as well as natural disasters.  Red Cross is known to work and help prevent and alleviate human suffering. With 97 million volunteers and staff worldwide Red Cross has worked effectively during times of humanitarian crisis such as war, pandemics, and other disastrous events. Legally Red Cross has three different and distinct organizations but has similar objectives, symbols, and government organizations. World Red Cross day is celebrated on 8th May every year.

The theme of Red Cross 2022- Be HumanKIND

The theme of this year perfectly fits the objective of the Red Cross, as the year the prior world has witnessed many challenges inclusive of the pandemic, and war in Yemen, Syria, and Ukraine, leaving many individuals and families fighting for life and survival. HumanKIND is an incredible and also a vital theme as no volunteer service is without kindness. The efforts required to put forth a movement like this, that too at a global level can’t be possible without the act of kindness.

Red Cross day is celebrated across the world on the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant, who was born in the year 1828. Red Cross provides aid and medical help to people in need and sufferers of violence and natural disasters. Dunant founded the International Committee of the red cross. The international federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Society was founded in Paris in the year 1919. Henry was notably known as a receiver of the Nobel Peace Prize. World Red Cross day is also known as Red Crescent Day.

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The World Red Cross Day’s major aim is to collect blood and provide humanitarian assistance, the day is also known as Red Cross Truce as it was started after World War 1. The international foundation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent society has five members namely countries like Britain, Italy, Japan, the United States and France. 

The Bottom Line

In a world where climate change is a threatening problem and so is the unfortunate wars. Climate change has affected in the past 9 years, 1 in 7 people. Most disasters and natural hazards take place due to extreme weather. Flood, Storms and Heatwaves have affected 1.7 billion people. For this 14 million volunteers from 165000 local branches are working for the movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. It’s not just the climate change or natural hazards but also man-made disasters like the Russian-Ukraine war that made thousands feel helpless and at those times Red Cross came as a humanitarian to help those who were suffering horribly. 

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