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What is Wordle? How to play and win the internet’s latest game obsession

what is wordle how to play; If you are a user of social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, you have surely seen some of your contact

By Ground Report
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How to crack Wordle game: 5-letter to use first

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is wordle how to play; If you are a user of social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, you have surely seen some of your contacts sharing messages with little green and yellow squares and the same name: Wordle. But what is Wordle and why does it seem like it's everywhere? 

What is Wordle 207x/6

Wordle is a game that, a priori, may seem simple but it is not so simple. The goal is to guess a five-letter word (in English). The difficulty lies in the fact that no clues are given, but simply make the first attempt and the program tells you with a gray square if the letter is not in the word, yellow if it is but not in that position and green if the letter is correct. 

You have six attempts to guess the word and once you have guessed it, you cannot make another different word until the next day.

What is Wordle? How to play

People use different strategies to play Wordle. The two most common are starting a word with a lot of vowels or starting a word with more commonly used consonants. Some people will start each puzzle with the same word. People reportedly use a popular word to start a wordle because it has three vowels and two consonants that can be good for quickly confirming or canceling.

One thing to remember is that the same letter can appear twice in the Wordle Word of the Day. For example, the word might be press. As far as winning is concerned, all it takes is knowing how well you performed and being able to share the result with your social media followers.

Why has it gone viral? 

According to The New York Times, citing its creator, Josh Wardle, at the beginning of November around 90 people were playing this particular crossword. Two months later the number has risen to 300,000 people. 

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Among the reasons that, according to its creator, have contributed to its success are that it has no advertising and its format is extremely simple: white background and colored squares. Also, a rarity, if you try to search for it in the application store for your phone, you may find similar applications that have been emerging using the same name to take advantage of the pull (these do have advertising), but the original is played in English on this page web. It does not have an application version. 

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