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Home » Why Washington Post fired reporter Felicia Sonmez, Understand whole controversy?

Why Washington Post fired reporter Felicia Sonmez, Understand whole controversy?

Why Washington Post fired reporter Felicia Sonmez, Understand whole controversy?

Political journalist Felicia Sonmez was fired by email a few days ago. She worked at The Washington Post. No one told him in person. In her inbox came a termination of her contract “for misconduct including insubordination, online defamation of her co-workers, and violation of the Post’s standards of companionship and inclusion in the workplace.”

The crash on social media drew attention to Busby, who just last week celebrated her anniversary as the newspaper’s editor-in-chief. The use of Twitter by staff outraged Busby’s predecessor, Marty Baron, who argued over how journalists, including Sonmez, used Twitter but was unable to implement the new policy on social media. (Other obsolete publications, such as The New York Times, have also been tested by their reporters on social media, as Dean Baquet often said, especially when it came out.) it is periodically observed or not performed at all, which allows the most extreme characters to end up in similar situations, ”one reporter said.

Felicia Sonmez

“If you missed it, the Washington Post was recently caught up in a self-inflicted firestorm when one of its top reporters, David Weigel, retweeted, didn’t tweet, retweeted this joke: ‘All girls are bisexual. I don’t know if it’s polar or sexual.’ Maher began. “The comedian who actually wrote the tweet called it a lame, throwaway joke, which is exactly what it is: throw it away, like you don’t like it, throw it away.”

Twenty-four hours later, Sonmez was still tweeting about his lack of responsibility. “Imagine a world where news organizations are steadily adhering to their social media policies, instead of allowing certain reporters to feel the right to tweet racist / sexist things without fear of repercussions, turning their colleagues into targets of online hatred when they object.” , – she wrote.

A few minutes later, Del Real intervened. “Dave’s retweet is horrible and unacceptable. But combining the Internet to attack him for a mistake he made doesn’t really solve anything. We are all confused to one degree or another. ” On Sunday morning, Busby sent a memorandum stating that without mentioning Sonmez or Del Real by name, one should show respect and report problems to HR or management, a response one reporter called “nonsense”.

Maher criticized the “unlicensed daycare that is today’s newsroom” for going “apes—,” pointing to reporter Felicia Sonmez’s tweet that publicly embarrassed Weigel, who deleted the retweet and apologized.

Felicia Sonmez

The same newspaper that prohibited her for years from reporting on stories that had the content of sexual violence after revealing in 2018 that she had been a victim of sexual harassment – encouraging other women to tell their experiences – fired her this time for having denounced her via Twitter the sexist attitude of one of his fellow writers, Dave Weigel.

The newspaper’s political reporter had retweeted a joke implying that women are bisexual or bipolar. Sonmez, seeing it, tweeted: “How fantastic it is to work in a newspaper where retweets like this are allowed!” Weigel apologized for the retweet, and the Post suspended him for a month without pay, The New York Times reports.

Sonmez has been cornered into silence for not turning a blind eye and being complicit in the abuse and misogyny of her time. She for risking, even, to do it among those of her own guild. Some of us also call this journalism, but for their bosses, it is grounds for dismissal for party poopers and something uglier on their moral thermometer: being a bad partner.

The HBO star said he did not indicate Sonmez’s age or her “colleagues’ quarrel” because he “didn’t have to.”

The New York Times has just read an article entitled “Why Are We Still Driven by Baby Boomers?” That’s why, “Maher told the audience. “Because too many millennials are too sensitive, too fragile and have no sense of priorities. You know, I’m sure a lot of booms would like to retire, but they can’t. They are like a grandmother who would like to watch Judge Judy and has to raise her grandchildren because her own children are too naked to handle it. ”

“It’s funny, do you think my generation is an eye?” Let me reveal to you a little secret about the younger generation; no one wants to hire you. Your sense of law is legendary, and, with many exceptions, your attention and value ethics suck… This Washington Post story has resonated because we all acknowledge its behaviour. There has been a war for millennia. I know because I’m friends with the good. But the weeping, unfortunately, still win. Are they complaining that they have not yet taken responsibility? We will stop complaining because you have already complained in many ways. The fact that the Post’s initial response was not to punish Felicia, but one of their best reporters for a stupid joke, shows that the kindergarten is already in charge, “he continued.

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