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Why Adani's two cement plants closed in Himachal Pradesh?

Cement plants Himachal Pradesh; Two Adani group cement plants were closed after the formation of the Congress party government

By Ground report
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Adani Cement Plant closure in Himachal: CEO proposes solution

Two Adani group cement plants were closed after the formation of the Congress party government in Himachal Pradesh. Along with this, the cement rates have increased in Himachal Pradesh.

“We have issued justification notices to the management of the two cement plants for unilaterally deciding to abruptly shut down operations. They should have exhausted all channels involving the local administration and should have informed the state government before taking such a decision,” said Prajapati, Director of Industries.

Two cement plants closed

On December 14, the Adani group suddenly decided to shut down operations at the Barmana (Bilaspur) and Darlaghat (Solan) plants, citing unfeasibility due to high transportation costs. Employees were asked not to report to work until further information, putting a question mark on their livelihood.

The new Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, has given the reason for this in a special conversation with Amar Ujala.

He said: "This matter is related to law and order. There is a dispute between the factory union and the Adani group. The government wants an agreement, but neither the union nor the factory should be harmed, but let me leave One thing is clear Himachal Pradesh will have to reduce the price of cement, it should not happen that cement is sold cheaply in Punjab and expensive in Himachal.

In this interview, Sukhu also told what efforts his government is going to make to recover the old pension plan.

He said: "The previous BJP government has left a debt of Rs 70 billion in the state. It is a big challenge but there are also solutions. We said on the first day and I say it again that the decision on the In the first cabinet the old employee pension scheme will be taken. It is also our responsibility to complete other schemes.”

Price increased

Due to the closure of two plants in Himachal Pradesh, there was a large decline in cement production and prices may also increase in the coming days. Until three days ago, 25,000 metric tons of cement were produced daily in the three cement plants in the state.

As soon as the Adani group locked down the ACC and Ambuja plants, it went straight down to nine thousand metric tons per day. If this continues in future, it will be difficult for Punjab and Haryana to get cement supply even from distant states.

Eight thousand metric tons of cement and 17 thousand metric tons of clinker were produced daily in three cement plants in the state. At Adani Group's Ambuja and ACC company, this figure was 5,000 metric tons of cement and 11,000 metric tons of clinker production. Clinker was taken from Himachal and made into cement at the Nalagarh and Ropar plants. From there cement was supplied.

CITU slams shutting of cement plants

The CITU Himachal Pradesh State Committee held a rally outside the DC office here today to protest the closure of two cement plants by the Adani Group. The protesters criticized the Adani group for arbitrarily closing the plants and demanded that the government register a criminal case against them. The protesters demanded that the plants be reopened as soon as possible.

“The closure of the plants by the Adani group will affect the lives of at least two lakh people in the state,” CITU President Vijender Mehra said. He alleged that the Adani group had violated the Factories Act and the Labor Disputes Act by unilaterally closing down the plants. Therefore, the government should take action against them and restart the plants as soon as possible.


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