Who is Neha Verma charged for triple murder in 2011?

In 2011, Neha Verma, 23, and two male accomplices were sentenced to death for the murder of three women from the same family. Ashlesha, 21, her mother Megha and her grandmother Rohini were shot dead by the three convicts at their Indore residence. Neha, a beautician, reportedly planned the robbery and tricked Megha into letting her into her home.

Later, Neha took her accomplices to the house where they shot the three women, stabbed them several times and took INR 1.5 lakh in cash, INR 5 lakh worth of jewellery and two ATM cards.

One of the killers managed to shoot himself in the foot during the crime and was admitted to a local hospital. That was the first clue for the police that led them to arrest the three. The case was historic because Neha Verma could be the first woman to be hanged in India.

Neha Verma (23), Rahul Choudhary (24) and Manoj Atodh (32) were found guilty under IPC sections 302, 397 and 449. Furthermore, Manoj was also found guilty under Section 25 of the Weapons Act,” said Public Prosecutor Ravindra Gaur.

The trio murdered Ashlesha Deshpande (21), her mother Megha (42) and her grandmother Rohini Phadke (70) in a gruesome attack in Srinagar on June 19, 2011. After a few days of the incident, the three accused were arrested and In his possession a pistol and two knives, the loot and two ATM cards were recovered.

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Who is Neha Verma?

In 2013, Neha Verma was convicted of cold-bloodedly killing 3 women from the same family. She was sentenced to death. Neha was a beautician who lived in Indore and befriended one of the women in the family. On June 19, 2011, she plotted and successfully killed these 3 women for… well, money. It turns out that money is a great motivator for doing terrible things.

The victims were Ashlesha Deshpande (21 years old), her mother Megha Deshpande (42 years old) and Megha’s mother, ie Ashleesha’s grandmother, Rohini Phadke (70 years old).

However, Neha had company. She had two lackeys with her, Rahul Choudhury and Manoj Atodh, who helped her commit these crimes. The trio mercilessly killed the women and then ransacked their home Rs 1.5 lakh in cash, Rs 5 lakh worth of ornaments and two ATM cards belonging to the victims were also taken.

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At the time, the media was referring to Neha as a “criminal mastermind”. She was seen as someone who planned everything carefully, hired the right people to execute it for her, and even figured out a way to gain the trust of the victims.

Where is Neha Verma at present?

Neha Verma is currently lodged in the Indore Central Jail. The jailers are deeply troubled by her attitude. But recently on International Women’s Day, Neha awarded by Dr. Vartika Nanda’s Tinka-Tinka Foundation. While in prison, she learned the work of zardozi and taught other women, apart from taking a beauty parlor course and taught other female prisoners to be clean.

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