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Who is J. Sai Deepak?

Who is J Sai Deepak

If anyone followed social media discourse around the Sabarimala temple or CAA-NRC, then they have definitely heard J. Sai Deepak speak. He is generally seen passionately talking about issues, with an indic sense. When you search J Sai Deepak on YouTube, there are so many compilations of his ‘savage’ replies in several debates. 

J Sai Deepak is an engineer-turned-lawyer. The reason he gives for his transition is, that he wanted to be in a ‘profession which allows him to comment on the public discourse with intelligence, information and tools I need to make an impact’. He completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Anna University (2002-06), before transitioning into law. Then, he studied law at IIT Kharagpur (2006-09).

Currently, he practises as an arguing counsel in the Supreme Court of India, and other courts also. He has handled the Sabarimala Temple Entry case, and many others.

He believes that centre-to-right ideas were given inadequate space in public discourses. They were more often not dismissed, and even treated as criminals. 

He doesn’t advocate for religious nationalism, but rather something different which is ‘Civilisation nationalism’, that is to say, the ideas of secularism, free speech, and constitution. 

Through the indic ideas, Sai Deepak focuses on

  • Free Hindu religious institutions, or Indic-religious institutions
  • Demographic inversion; illegal immigration 
  • Right to Education Act; how one community has been given the responsibility to educate the entire nation

He has authored two books, titled ‘India that is Bharat: Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution’, and ‘India, Bharat, and Pakistan: The Constitutional Journey of Sandwiched Civilisation’.

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